04 November, 2008

Lucky to be born Malay? Ya kah Syed Hamid?

What a ridiculous statement from one lacking hair on the sunny side of his head. So what happens if someone is not born Malay but is still born Malaysian? He wont receive education and a job to be up to that level of what Zaid Ibrahim has achieved?

Firstly, one is free to express their opinion. If others are to believe and understand his statement then they have all the right. What I bet Syed Hamid is jealous about is that indeed many support Zaid's views on the Malay Agenda and whatever concept that entails it. So Syed Hamid is such a wuss and acting like a child making a big hoohaa and what not.

Face it, his (Syed Hamid's) statements all this time has never been a good conversation piece and cannot be taken respectfully. Why? Because half of the time it is bollocks. In fact saying Zaid is lucky to be born Malay and relating it in mass media to that is how Zaid has become what he is today suggests that not being a Malay is an entitled deficit. It is Syed Hamid who has to apologize not Zaid. Zaid is a man with balls while Syed Hamid has nothing else but that shiny round thing that encapsulates the pathetic thing he has inside it.

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