07 November, 2008

Obama shows acceptence in change, are we not to share that dream?

Sentiments of hope and positive thinking must be at an all time hi in the US. With Americans poised and primed for a change it shows that democracy does actually work. But are we all ready to face change of government? We bitch and bicker about the current one and there has been a bit of an upset in the last General Elections. But really are we all really ready to have BN out of the main frame?

It takes a lot of marketing and pitch to convince a whole country to vote against what has been a habit for over 50 years. But the rise of awareness and more youth who are paying so much concern on their future and the government that is to represent them could tip the scales next time around.

It is clearly shown that corruption is a normal thing in the current Malaysian administration. Anyone can be bought provided the amount is just nice. But how could freedom be infused from seeds that are tainted with money favouratism? There is simply no cure, unless of course to eradicate the money sucking seeds out of active politics entirely.

Read the papers and there must be some form of money induced agreement of support. That is why Ku Li is very disappointed. So the ACA will probe into the matter or whatever other division that wants to so call bring light and truth into the issue. So from the last General Elections and now there is really not much difference. All we get is stupid debates between brainless and childish MPs with one calling another bastards,leaky, some profanity hand signs and boos or jeers.

Perfect, we are definitely ready. Definitely ready for not implementing any change at all. We the rakyat are made to wait and look like "dunggus" while wishing perhaps the moon will split in two while peanut brained representative does some vocabulary game of multilingual responses.

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Pash said...

get this, we've been saying "Malaysia Boleh" for ages right?
now, America's jumped on the 'boleh' bandwagon. "Ya, Kami Boleh!" ("Yes We Can!")