10 November, 2008

Oppression: A police past time?

Had enough of candle light vigils for a better Malaysia? Apparently not and sooner or later the authorities definitely has an itchy hand to do something about it. Thus last night a handy amount of civilians, some politicians and somehow a member of the press got hauled into nice dark coloured trucks.

Apparently they were arrested during all of them were singing the national anthem. I would be skeptical but the video proof on Malaysiakini declares otherwise. How could they have the cheek to release a statement that they did not do so? The police can be such gangsters as we so very well know and are very bad liar to boot.

From the video I like this guy statement at the 5 minute mark "It is amazing that the state is fearful of 200 people, It is amazing." Well, if it was 200 people with weapons or a stick or rock in each hand than perhaps they were dangerous. I bet there were more people holding up their cell phones to record the whole event.

It irks me that the same event was held in Penang numerous times and everything was all right and very peaceful. Is it because that the state in under the opposition's control that the police did not do anything? The last time I checked was that AmCorp Mall is in the Selangor state boundaries. Well unless suddenly it changed to be within Federal Territory just before the cops move in.

Syed Hamid Albar denied that he knew anything before it happened. Come on~ you got to be kidding me. At one point he was on top of everything and suddenly he has no knowledge of truck loads full of riot control police was dispatched to location? What a joker. It is sad that Malaysia is turning into a police state. Democracy and freedom is only a tourism sales pitch to fill deep pockets of certain individuals. Oppression towards the people is a valid pastime and gives a breath of fresh pickings for riot police who are only useful at our useless football league games.

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