28 November, 2008

Pasir Salak BN MP is a barbarian in a suit.

Could it be possible for an uncultured man such as BN's Pasir Salak representative be of any use to his constituents? Being very eloquent in profanity might work when someone double parks behind your car and you have to rush on an emergency. But not enough being very vocal (for the wrong reasons) he had to call a fellow MP a son our of marriage.

Seriously for a man what respect he had just disappeared in a whiff. First things first such language could just be used by any MP who takes offense and thinks that a remark is a personal attack against him. I would however would like to question on how actually the Honourable Chairman of the house classifies what needs to be taken action upon and what is not.

I do think that there is some form of misjudgment on behalf of the Chairman. The rules should be enforced explicitly and the moment that profanity is used against a fellow MP or in relation to anyone for that matter he or she should be brought out from parliament immediately. No question or plea needed.

The barbarian in a suit has really showed no respect to members of parliament and could not really care about anything else but himself. How could he be elected to represent Pasir Salak has got me wondering. I bet he wont be elected into the next term.... which should serve him right.

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