16 November, 2008

Pure and Simple: The old has to go

Naturally sooner or later the new will have to pave way. The old have to retire either gracefully or otherwise. But we have a bunch of leaders that would hold on to it for as long as they can. Malaysia has a terrible leadership planning concept. The strength of any government or political entity has certainly got to do with how the current crop of leaders train future leaders. Youth wings are naturally bullshit as favoritism is very evident.

We can roughly tell what will the progression be like, why? First there is but a tiny crop of individuals who have the caliber to manage at top level. Second those who suck balls will most of the time get it and in politics you even have to pay to suck those balls. Talk about lobbyist we might have the best in the world.

Now what about the current relics we still keep in active commission? Sammy, Rafidah, Taib Mahmud.... why are these people so stubborn? Their supporters have to know that these people wont live forever to have their back when in need. They wilt, weather and just vanish away with age. Think for a moment.... there is a saying you can't teach old dogs new tricks. I believe it is true.

As we all know or might now that brain cells do not regenerate. It dies and never comes back. So after a certain age we get more stupid everyday. I believe many leader have passed their prime and are incapable to figure new ideas or solutions. So when the old are getting senile by the day they get emotional, kranky and needy. We cant have that in leaders. No we cant....especially those on the verge of bladder dysfunction.

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kruel said...

No country for old men (or women)