01 November, 2008

Razak Baginda goes free but whats next?

Well the man is free. After the long trial failed to prove that Baginda had anything to do with the blown to bits Mongolian pretty lady. But the sentiment here is that many are accusing that someone interfered to let the dude off the hook. But why would someone do that? If he RB really knows too much for his own good he would just have a verdict with a noose.

The two cops who blew the lady is not scott free yet and it is most likely they will never be. Perhaps free from this world at a later date. Why is this case having so much attention when it started and now it has somehow simmered down? The spicy thought of the link of soon to be UMNO party president Najib is why. But nothing can be proved against him. If he did have something to do don't you think it would be a very clean job to wipe off all evidence and there wont be a trail leading back?

Sensational news is what we lust for so the news lines just delivered what we wanted. So the drama unfolds and now ziltch. So much suckers in all of us. But many will want to believe in the spicy story. Well if the imagination is anything to go by we Malaysians are really a caring lot. Or we just like to meddle in someone else business.

Good for Razak Baginda if he is truly innocent. But if he is not he wont escape from the wrath of god. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts.

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