24 November, 2008

So Melayu the rumah kayu.

I would remember some popular racist jokes that Malaysians are accustomed to and would wonder why such prejudice occurs in a multi ethnic nation such as Malaysia. Be it that the struggle for Merdeka was really the support from the people of all races but one race wants to remain supreme above all else.

Most often it is a fantasy rather than reality that enforces certain policies that makes other races work harder to earn their keep and allows the rich to get richer by the day. But Malays really are micro managers rather than wanting to see the whole picture. Yes that is all that matters.

The basis of every Malay institution is in fact that they lived in villages and very seldom venture out to see how things are done elsewhere. Over the generations the defect is hard coded into the Malay brain and that is all they know to do. Which brings me to certain traits of Malays.

They are a very caring bunch. So caring in fact that even if the neighbor's chicken lays eggs, 3 neighbouring villages would know of it before end of day. Efficiently disseminating useless information is an expertise that few or perhaps no other race does. For a clear indication on what kind of a social market the Malay is try watching them in the morning.

Malays love to talk... in fact perhaps the faster their mouths move the faster their typing would be. Just be warned, errors are aplenty because of such simplistic ways their lives are. But change is never a good thing for them. You see, they cant help but bitch on someone if they notice a tiny thing different about them. That proves a point that Malays are very observant people.

In fact, if what they see is not properly clarified they would be more than obliging to add their own flavour text. Which since they love sambal belacan you can bet it would have a fishy ending. The aspiring itch to have a large house but a kampung mind would just ruin modern architecture and take out the modern about modern living. Simply because the mind is still stuck in the kampung scale of things.


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