01 November, 2008

Suspicious over the price drop.

Another price drop in consumable fuel. Are we getting happier by the month? Well, I am definitely not scrambling to the nearest petrol station for every price drop. Still, observing the prices I am wondering why Diesel is scarily being the same price of regular petrol. I mean what formula does the government use to calculate how much the price drop is for each consumable petroleum product.

There seems to be not much sense in going for a diesel vehicle now. The difference is only 10 sen as compared to 2004 where diesel was half the price of petrol. It does not help in the price of food you know. The price drop is coming towards its limit, I doubt it will go any lower than RM1.92. Realistically and not to expect too much from such a government it will probably just stop at RM2.00 which means the next revision (if the world petroleum prices hold or goes even lower) will be our last.

Still want to go NGV? I don't think I would.... not worth the conversion, eats up boot space and lacks power if you ask me.

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