16 November, 2008

Tolerance to peaceful vigils.

Authorities have a job being authoritarian. It is an exciting job I bet, having the power to man handle crooks and those who go against the law. But sure the interpretation of law is not simply text book which the police here practices. Surely there is laws on illegal assemblies. But as far as law goes it is meant to keep peace and order...so when a peaceful gathering is held to show support and motion for something to be abolished what is the gumption that it is not peaceful and creates disorder in society?

The recent Anti ISA Vigils have been obstructed by the police and creates and air of rebellion to some extent. Sometimes authorities are the pit of the cause of disorder. The iron fisted police apparently knows no bounds in what is right or wrong in the interpretation of the law. Don't talk about their common sense as apparently they have no sea what it is.

It is proven time and again that when society disapproves of something they would need an outlet to express it. Sitting in and out of one discourse after another cant really solve anything on its own. The awareness of such events does not have the visual impact and more often it is behind closed doors.

Peaceful rallies should be supported by the authorities and instead of being the fulcrum of outburst and dissatisfaction they should be assisting instead, ensuring the safety of those participating in the vigils...not man handling them and punching them into submission. Appearing at the scene with shields, helmets and sticks already implies oppressive force. Thus for obvious reason civilians will feel intimidated and insecure.

The police should allow peaceful vigils at designated venues. These areas should be zoned out so that there will be minimal obstruction of traffic and does not upset people who lives nearby. Thus the permit should be held as an agreement by the organizers to the authorities to maintain order throughout the event. If anything goes wrong the organizers will be held responsible. Simple... the police needs to use more of their brains than their fist and kneecaps.

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