07 November, 2008

Ultra Vires: Syed Hamid Albar the power abuser

I bet he cant walk freely to even buy his morning paper. With PKR released and the reason was made very clear that Syed Hamid did in fact acted beyond his power was indeed politically motivated. The pressure is on him with calls for him to vacate his seat. After such an incident I bet any other person would just retire.

Was Syed Hamid ordered to arrest RPK under ISA? Or was he really politically motivated with a golden carrot hanging just inches off hi bald scalp? Who knows.... but what indeed do we know is who is really shitting bricks with an anus of a pin needle. Ouch!!!

Yes I am very happy that the judge lifted the sentence off RPK and was very brave in doing so. Automatic celebrity status I tell you. But now what is Syed Hamid's next politically motivated bald idea would be? There are calls for him to quit and Pak Lah should notice and take note of that.

Who likes Syed Hamid? Short....bald and has a brain of a peanut. Syed Hamid should be charged and hauled to prison. The view from the the public would certainly agree to that. The longer the better.

Pak Lah oh Pak Lah......sack Syed Hamid now. The worthless piece of dead weight is more a threat to the country rather than RPK and his blog.

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