02 November, 2008

The Uncontested: Najib Tun Razak

The hand me down position wins tradition again. So it is Najib to take over from Pak Lah and what "perfect" timing it is. Economic disaster looms in the horizon and Najib wont have it as easy as Pak Lah did. Unlucky some may call it, a test of nerves perhaps? But what is certain is that also by tradition who leads UMNO becomes PM.

Just as Razak Baginda goes free off the murder case of Altantunya, Najib will have the country in a tarnished silver platter. Tarnished I say so because we the rakyat are not entirely happy with what has been going on for the past couple of years. Will Pak Lah's last minute plans of reform hold true? Or is it a transfer phase of power from one house to the other. Looks like Najib's years of patience is paying off. Unlike Anwar who was too in a hurry and young fire blooded.

ACA is probing into the chopper deal but will it be of any worry to Najib? I doubt it, I bet the cover-up has been done ages ago. Just minor loose strings to the most and some bitter UMNO members. Najib champions the Malay Supremacist and it is not too far fetched to say that Bumiputras will always have the touch of Midas to "help" them in every situation and bloodline predicament. Which spells out for prolonged laziness and incompetence.

So the plans shall stick to "World Class Facilities, Third World Mentality" and the supremacy will be enshrined forever to lazy bums. Good? No that is bad....really really bad! "Spare the cane and spoil the child". If there is truth that the NEP will be revamped we should see it within the first 6 months when Najib comes in power. For Malaysians that is all that we can do. Hope, hope and hope some more. Do we dare to vote BN out the next General Elections and let the opposition with no experience whatsoever take reign off our hard earned tax money? Off course not....too much a risk.

Thus...we are stuck. Stuck forever in this "hand me down" ethics and favouritism. Let us keep an eagle eye out to Najib. Tighten the leash when he steps a toe out of line. Only the people can punish their leaders. If and only if Democracy holds true to this country.

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