31 December, 2008

The Good and not so Good of 2008.

What a year this has been. As a citizen of this country my sentiments towards the government has somewhat not really changed. However there are a few things that made me rethink about the future and where this country is heading to. The ups and downs is inevitable but more important is what did we actually learn and improve upon. SO the good and not so good for the past 12 months has to be seriously taken into account.

The Good.
  • The ruling party BN has a lesser majority
  • Rakyat are better aware of their rights and laws
  • Sentiment against Anti ISA is very strong
  • Pressure applied to the government to further enhance their services
  • Pak Lah is stepping down
  • The people acknowledges that change is important
  • Better understanding of human rights
  • Prices of petrol has gone down.
The Not so Good.
  • Conspiracy and corruption is highly likely
  • The authorities act with force and aggression
  • Najib replaces Pak Lah
  • Religious and racial tension is used to spur the people
  • Higher cost of food and consumables
  • Same old seasonal natural disasters not remedied
  • Childish attitude of ruling coalition during general elections
  • Parliament circus and ruckus
  • UiTM's role in Malay supremecy

This year will end in less than 24 hours and what a good time it is to reflect if we have in fact become good citizens or not. Are we loyal to the country or loyal to the politicians and is money really everything? Be aware that we are still a growing nation and nothing else is more important than sticking together. If some idiotic politicians wants to trash it out so be it. It would be fun to watch but if the country runs into turmoil than an uprising should be very appropriate as a response from the people is pound for pound more powerful than a group of selfish politicians.

30 December, 2008

Use of Internet and Phones for garnerring votes.

Use of Internet and Phones for garnerring votes is such a new idea and only of the recent General Elections I bet was the realization of how useful electronic and digital communication can be. The opposition used it to great effect to swing votes their way and somewhat managed pretty well in the light that they took 5 states leaving BN to pretty much wonder what the hell went wrong with their campaign. Information seems to be everything these days.

Happy to note that a member of BN, Gerakan seems to see the need of such strategy for the Kuala Terengganu By elections. However it might just reach to those who are tech savvy, I do not know how many within the constituency that is under their care falls as IT literate but some ground work should still somewhat be relevant.

But the last outing was not that much of a difference. So would Gerakan's tiny plan work that much for BN? Most probably not. But it is still a commendable effort nonetheless.

27 December, 2008

Negeri Sembilan mourns for Tuanku Jaafar.

Tuanku Jaafar, once was the tenth Yang Dipertuan Agong passed away this morning at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Negeri Sembilan.

Full News here.

Will Kuala Terangganu be the final battle ground for BN to prove that it is still relevant?

It was a hard knock in the last General Elections. Then there was Permatang Pauh which is telling that BN better do a rethink. Now it is Kuala Terengganu.... will people now realize that BN is no longer relevant? 

PKR will be all out to prove that and by the looks of the way things are going BN is coming in with false expectations. Terengganu is a state where it should be the richest since it is Petroleum rich. Yet the state has not really got the progress hook.

It will be a last ditch effort for BN to win this seat as it would set the tone for Malaysian politics next year. So far the nominated Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh seems to be happy but contest day is still sometime far away and he does not know who is he up against for certain.

The acid test is for BN and not PKR as BN has a lot to loose. Consider this~ if the voters of Kuala Terengganu votes for PKR then a slap in the face would be for BN to accept that they are no longer trusted. Pak Lah will not exit as the man who kept BN in power but as the man who caused BN to loose it's privileges. Najib will then have to pick up the debris and lick the wounds.

Kuala Terengganu might be a start... but be certain if BN loose it isn't just the beginning to a downfall. But a crushing end to decades of trust.

I would love to see the day BN falls and UMNO deemed illegal.

Possibilities is an interesting thing whereby you can give an educated guess on an outcome. Not very much so in politics but there has been truth to what political analyst says of the last General Elections. So far the opposition has yet to gain anything more than that.

Much to the dismay of PKR supporters the takeover bid has pretty much stalled to the point that some may seem to forget about it. Well, I am not particularly concerned on which one will be able to claim they can flick the government off it's perch at the moment. But I am looking forward to the day that BN looses and UMNO is illegal. As if UMNO has not been trough that before.

Honestly speaking this UMNO Baru is really already become an UMNO Lama. What was once revolutionary thinking is simply Cobolt compared to ASP.Net. UMNO is in fact getting more and more irrelevant and the way it does things are getting dirtier and dirtier by the minute.

Since when I tell you that a party leader stays behind and instructs some other bunch of minions to administer suspension? Such a cowardly act~ For over 50 years UMNO does need a revamp.... or a rebirth is more like it. One way is to just flush all the filth that is in it now. How? Simply declare UMNO illegal and serves a ban until further notice or until someone wants to register a new party called "UMNO Baru Baru".

Other component parties of BN should be equally suspended too as they are indeed behind a conspiracy of fraud and corruption. Take the Sarawak chief Minister for example. He is really power crazy isn't he? Perhaps his ass is glued to the chair so that makes him some kind of a permanent fixture.

BN and UMNO certainly has changed. Changed in ways that some veterans think that no longer fits their ideals. UMNO and BN has morphed into some political monster that knows no bounds and care no one but it's won mighty deep pockets. I hope Najib will be the last president of UMNO. I hope that UMNO cease to exist in the not too distant future. The same goes to the rest of it's component parties. All of them can go to hell and burn to gases, if that is what it takes to get everything all right and clean again.

26 December, 2008

UMNO no longer loyal. That is why they are leaving.

Loyalty seems to have a price. Should one be loyal to a person if they got cheated? I don't think anyone would say yes. Same goes to a political party. Members sign up because they see it is beneficial to. What happens when they decide to leave? Makes simple sense that the party no longer gives them any benefits of does not not fit their taste buds anymore. Perfect human behavior if you ask me.

Why Datuk Zahar Hashim is getting hot comments from his ex party mates? It is a normal reaction when suddenly a man has a change of heart and can no longer see the benefits of stating with UMNO. Perhaps he has been in the party for 20 years and seen things getting from bad to worse. Perhaps that is even why he left to join PAS. Enough of the crap is very likely.

20 years of UMNO experience is sure no bed of roses. Certainly the amount of bullshit for all those years can be suffocating. Thus that is perhaps why that old man left. And I bet it is a wise thing for him to do. Why swim in someone else shit right?

Compare to what Nor Azman Mohd. Nor feels it just does not amount to the wisdom of someone who has for 20 years sweat, bleed and cried for the party and what Zahar finally decided upon. It is all about principles and seems to me that is what sets the seniors apart from the seniors. What is sure? UMNO has lost a man with good principles just to uphold a minority who seems to soak all the riches for themselves.

24 December, 2008

Zahar Hashim takes more than a few head along.

This is a very big surprise. My assumptions are wrong and I guess it is now true that even a die hard UMNO member could get sick of all the bullshit in the party. Again Malaysia Kini is making the mistake~ It is Zahar Hashim not Abu Zahar Hashim you numb nuts!

Anyhow it is reported that many will follow this UMNO veteren in jumping ships to PAS. Shows actually how much influence he has and what kind of respect he commands. Just nice~ Kuala Terengganu is up for grabs and UMNO should be blushing stupid watching their member walking over to the opposition.

Amik kau~! Padan muka UMNO.

23 December, 2008

Malaysia Kini got it wrong~! Where got Abu weh~!

Hahaha~! Where got Datuk Abu Zahar Hashim? No research ka? It is without the Abu la. And I highly doubt the retired captain would consider to join an opposition party. A loyal party member he is and I really do bet that UMNO has not betrayed him but the leadership has.

Narrow minded mind of Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

It is just unbelievable that such a statement can come out of the mouth of a man in such a position. My impression of a Menteri Besar is one who thinks and researches first before one utters a word. Being ignorant is not good for one thing, all the more when it concerns social health concerns.

This is a blow for PKR with their representative being this stupid. I bet the BN led states are having a good laugh out of this. Serves Mohammad Nizar to properly think before he passes statements ever again. Well of course that is if he learned his lesson.

20 December, 2008

Stupid things happen when Malays are afraid.

Do you believe that certain things can be avoided? I believe it can. When racial issues and the infamous Malay rights is in concern many times the situation gets out of hand when Malays cant keep their cool. Let me take the issue of Perwaris as a good example.

Could the pig's head mounted above a door be avoided if Perwaris did not put up public banners on certain racial and economic issues? Would the whole issue of Malay rights not be blown out of proportion if Malays be humble and kept their patience all these years?

This is not a dilemma but a habit that is hard coded somehow into the minds of Malays. When they feel hardship, they shout out for demands and allocations and subsidies. When they are doing well they tend to boast and show off. When they feel threatened they gang up and act rowdy. I am not saying that other races do not do the same but leadership by example they say.

Yes, Malays have been in power for as long as history says so. But they too have been used as puppets which they often hate to admit is because it is their own stupidity. So lessons learned is to simply be paranoid of every tiny thing that changes their mundane lives.

Without push wont come the shove but without patience there wont be clarity of sound decisions. Hence many times decisions are made and expressed emotionally and that is the very thing that disturbs the peace and tranquility. Why the need to make such loud banners and using uncultured copywriting?

BABI, BABI, BABI!!! One banner reads. Another painted in bold demands 70% instead of 30% from the NEP. Wey, come on lah~ 30% is already too good to be true.... you want that extra 40% mark up work for it lah bloody fools. What you think money grows on trees and frolic in vast paddy fields is it? That is why Malay have a saying "Katak bawah tempurung". Already a frog has a small brain and what makes it worse is they don't want to come out of the shell. Still want to stay in a place with no light. How to "Maju" like that?

Let this be a knock on that hard shell that cocoons the Malay mind. Nothing comes for free... with demands come hardwork and sacrifices. You want to ride on what your grandfather did 50 years ago all your life and not work for it? Bullshit, you need to work your end if the bargain were to maintain another 50 years.

"Se kecil kecil akal, tetap boleh barfikir. Jadi tolonglah pakai otak dan bukan emosi" Translation.... No matter how small the mind it can still think. So please use your brains to think, not your emotions. Yes yes.... HIDUP MELAYU and all that. But please live it with brains.

19 December, 2008

Why Muslims only for mandatory HIV test?

One question, why is it only mandatory for Muslims only? People of other faiths do not get AIDS is it? This is a serious oversight. No, I am not being a racist nor am I against other faiths but it should be equal responsibility for everyone who wants to get married to be screened for HIV. It is a bloody social responsibility!

The government should not just enforce this rule to Muslims only. I am wondering why did the decision is restricted to those who practice this religion and not others. What is the rationale behind it. We should demand that this rule to be amended and be made compulsory to all couples getting married regardless of race or religion.

18 December, 2008

Unearthing the mystery of Selangor Wives millions.

The most developed state in the country has it's stately women questioned for the millions. Badan Amal Kebajikan Isteri-Isteri Selangor as we all know it is suppose to be a charitable and social work organization. However just when BN lost Selangor to the opposition quickly those funds were tranfered elsewhere. The total sum of RM 9.9 million just simply hopped out of the accounts and into another organization's piggy.

Of course what is to be expected from an organization that was first formed during BN's rule of Selangor and it would be purely common sense that all assets are to be dissolved if ever a change of power in the state occurs. It seems perfectly logical to me but the sudden closure of the organization and the swift transfer of the funds is without any consultation. Thus it raises questions if really was RM9.9 million was all that was transferred and not a sen went somewhere else.

Some to are questioning where on earth did all that money come from. But just look at the credentials of all those in the committee before and just recently before it's dissolution. Who were they again? Wives of politicians.....rich politicians to be specific. Details of the accounts are not made public anyway since it is not required by law and hence nothing much can be really said of it. But the opposition sees an opportunity to cash into the issue and raise their doubt that Balkis might be a a funnel the channel funds in certain ways not permissible.

If I were you I wont be too bothered. Partially that RM 9.9 million might have come from or caused by illegal or immoral gains but it should be the current State Government and the ruling state party to make sure they are indeed transparent in all their deals and administration. Putting their effort into digging up skeletons of the previous government is not to be priority.

I sense that PKR might just want to highlight the bad of their foes and simply forget they have a bigger responsibility. Yes certainly millions is millions but let the authorities make their investigations proper before starting to aim arrows at their nemesis.

16 December, 2008

Opposition State Government Dogma

By common principle State Governments would have to follow certain things set by the Central Government. Especially when it comes to budget. However not till very recently that we have state governments that are managed run by the opposition. Which we will now see some stubborn acts to simply justify what oppositions do best.

So it is natural for opposition run state governments to simply annoy the central government. Take for instance issues such as roadsigns in Penang or the replacement of the official fleet of cars for state officials. Whatever claims that can be said about the cost of maintaining Proton Perdanas being astronomical is very subjective.

It is the dogma of being the opposition which simply tries to make it a hard time for the central government. Perhaps hoping that the central government will give up. However these issues could and would be detrimental to the efficiency of actually running the state. It would be better for them (the opposition) to concentrate on what they have in hand now rather than nosey into what is not within their scope of power.

BN is tested and again the reason for them not loosing their majority in parliament shows that the support the opposition have is still not enough. Have it ever been a thought that the states that the opposition controls now is a testbed to see if they can really run a state before the rakyat is really convinced that they can run the whole country?

I suppose I sound like a pro government now but I assure you I am not. As much I am fed up with how things are with the current government, I am also pretty worried of how the opposition is doing things. Perhaps it is best not to trust politicians at all. Perhaps the opposition is not really any different as compared to the rulling party.

Look at both sides of a coin and tell me that in essence both is not much different in value. Both sides can't face each other but both can't do without one another. What an ironic thing this politics is and who is left stuck in the middle but us the rakyat.

15 December, 2008

The Home Minister inteview by Malaysia Today.

Those who have read the interview must already know how much bullshit the answers from the YB Minister is. But I do have one question...did the Interview really took place? Well, certainly PRK wrote the report~ but how far is it true is really questionable.

I would be more convinced if the interview was a video recording or in audio recording with images taken from the interview. I have my doubts clearly but if and only if it is true that the response to the questions is very disturbing if not a bit stupid at times.

Ministers in my opinions are picked for their role and responsibility based on merit. But I think they also should be chosen after an IQ test is done as well because so far many ministers give contradicting facts if not to one another but towards themselves as well.

It reminds me of some blooper videos of President Bush and the numerous fumbles he has made. The integrity and respect towards such a pragmatic role is undeniably squashed to mere nothings. I must say if the saying is true that one cant teach old dogs new tricks then the same goes to those very ministers that make such an idiot of themselves in public.

I would then love to propose that a team of ministers be formed as a debate team and take on our public varsity undergraduates to see exactly how good our ministers really are. I bet you they wont last that long at all. In fact why not just dress them up as clowns and make them toys for circus lions instead. That would certainly be far more entertaining.

p/s: Note that the article is a satire afterall~ wished it was real though.

Going lower again? Happy news wont last forever.

No one is making noise about pump fuel prices no more. A sigh of relief? I would not be too optimistic. Then end of the year is near and a recession is looming and how long will this bliss last?

Contrary to what most would believe a commodity like petroleum can only go so low to a certain extent. Let us face it that prices wont be going down forever and when it rises it would be scary to think that it will be a sharp spike. It is better only for the fact that subsidies are no longer needed for a precious energy source.

The funds that would normally be allocated to fuel subsidies can be put to batter use but where exactly are the billions going to? Is there no one keeping an eye on this? I would believe that there is truth to the opposition's demands that the budget should be revised. The surplus billions if not looked after would most likely end up in someone else's pocket silently.

Still what is not satisfactorily handled is the prices of other daily goods. It is taking a bit too long for the prices to drop. In fact the margin that some goods do receive does not reflect to the dip in price of petroleum and it's products. Makes me wonder what are really the hidden costs that the manufacturers so often mentions when they are queried.

Transparency is not only a government's responsibility but should be the responsibility of private corporations as well in the act of good faith towards the public that gives them their annual revenues. Private corporations are quick when it comes to cost cutting measures but not fast enough when it comes to lowering the prices of their goods and services.

Fact is, it is just the way business are brutally are. The better their margin of profit the better it is for them. The lower their costs are the better for them. The lesser their workers are the easier for them to manage human resources and less headache on contributing to their EPF's.

It is a money money money world and a slight decrease is always bad. Cruel world so to speak but that is the circle of wealth and the dream to chase it. Social responsibility takes a back seat once too many times. When disaster strikes, it strikes with great anger and the casualties are the very same people who churn out the numbers for the very same companies who snuffs their social responsibility.

13 December, 2008

The man who preaches without knowledge.

The human mind is an extremely complex thing. No science can ever peel the complex layers and study on how it really works and those who think they have found the answer is certainly just plucking things form thin air. Human behavior is a far more simpler thing to study.

I am writing this in response to a certain blogger named Surind and Mahaguru58 who have been trading blows in cyberspace trough their own blogs. I sense there is a sense of cause for both sides as one invades the beliefs of another and offends many who stumble upon their blogs.

To make things simple, religion is one part that opinions are best left to those who are educated and willing enough to open their minds to it just as long the order in which it is done is respectable. Here what Surind has done is certainly not well received. His views and perception on Islam is very disturbing and can only be caused by misleading information that he truly believes in. Mahaguru58 on the other hand as I have come to know him is an understanding person and has very strong principles regarding his faith in Islam.

It is not at all correct what Surind disseminates in his blog and I surely disapprove of its contents. It has been composed in such a way to simply give Islam negatively and stereotyping Muslims as violent people. It is beyond my comprehension on what lead Surind to publish such misleading information even if it is actually sourced from other blogs or websites.

Mahaguru58 did the right thing in making a police report and not taking things into his own hands apart from lambasting Surind on his own blog. To compare these two individuals is something as plain as dipping a white cloth into ink. The contrast is such that hate boils deep within Surind and Mahaguru58 is upholding what any Muslim feels and actually act upon it.

Surind is a dear good example of a blogger with a distorted purpose. The execution is terribly wrong and would surely spark the wrong kind of attention. He is brave yes but smart I have my doubts. What is best to be done is that more who finds what he publishes very offensive should lodge their own police report against him.

11 December, 2008

The Malaysian cycling challenge.

It is good exercise and encourages a better form of making a stand for human rights. But somehow some might not just like the idea of anything apposing the government. It would be insulting to my readers to make them guess an idea of who is behind all this arrests and sabotage.

Already candle light vigils are not favourable especially amongst the hardened FRU perspex shields and now a peaceful and healthy convoy get stalled very often. I would say that in a way these freedom cyclist are actually doing more good than harm. They don't pollute, instills a very healthy lifestyle and at the same time is a social gathering of people of like minds and thoughts.

In fact I highly support the effort made and it is thoroughly hard to co-ordinate. I would have to say that 'Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas' is very creative and might just start a fad. No matter, police should have been helping to organize smooth traffic flow once the participants arrive and not arresting them and asking what some might say as a really stupid question.

Musa Hassan apparently have been informed but as usual there will be no reply. Either he is blind or deaf, it could be anyone's creative guesses. But I would rather say the "Tidak Apa" attitude is at it again.

09 December, 2008

It is not only hillside developments.

Tragic could not possibly sum up the catastrophe of Bukit Antarabangsa. More so that it mirrors a tragedy that turns 15 years this 11th December. Not that we have no experience to handle such tragedies but more critical is the fact that the "Tidak Apa" attitude of local authorities and the government.

True enough that the Malaysian government has short term memory or perhaps they are playing the deaf ear to the calls that hillside property developments should be banned entirely. Somehow I smell that even if the ban is enforced some might just pay their way through to build so called homes near the gods.

We have a very well equipped search and rescue team yes but do we have a government that is good in preventative measures? This latest tragedy proves that we do not have one and urbanization plus capitalist could spell a crumbling crushing ending of lives and future.

We have to admit that apart from places like Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, town planning is non existent everywhere else. So much for world class and technologically advanced townships and cities when we fail to realize that the stuff we built before is not up to standards.

Yes, now many cry for heads to roll. But whom should be held responsible? Conveniently insurance in this country does not cover natural disasters and why is that? The probability is so low that coverage for such occurrences is not deemed necessary?

What about other natural disasters? If living too high up posses landslide what about those living lowland? Floods occurs too many times a year and yet situations have not really improved. Well digging the river deeper is not a permanent solution.

Tough luck living in this country I suppose. Live too high up and you see your house crashing down hill and living too low down see your house float away in the currents. What predicament are we to live with more with a one eye shut government and a sleeping PM? Thank god he is leaving but is his replacement any better?

06 December, 2008

There are more writers for online media in jail than other media staff.

What is the new thing to be in jail for these days? It is not arson, murder, fraud or terrorism.....it's blogging. Which is not only occurring in Malaysia but in other parts of the world as well.

But it should be a reformist for the media world where professional journalism has new competition and that bloggers can sometimes get the best stories first. Yes, certainly we bloggers are a bit gung ho but it is also to our freedom that we decide what we want to write and not subjected to the politics of some chief editor.

Still at the rate we are going and if governments would want to sift the net of blogs I think every one of us is guilty to an extent. Come on it is an open goal for everyone to say anything about leadership and politics which is also in such a n absurd state that defies governance logic.

But you know what makes blogs so much more fun than your run off the printing mill newspapers? It is more personal, has more character and is written with a passion and genuine interest unlike reporters who are simply told to cover events and stories just because it is listed in their daily roster.

05 December, 2008

Recession looming and Sales is everywhere.

Consider that we are deemed doomed if we don't prepare for recession next year. Even if many say that we wont be hit that hard but still no recession is better and any recession at all. But do you realize something really odd? Shops are still on sale...or they just started again.

If recession is really a depressing thing and the people need fix to nurse the depressed soul shopping should not be on of it. But face it...just look around. Walk into any mall and there we see it. Offers upon discounts upon other types of incentives just so you whip out that wallet and itch to spend on something.

I just think that it is really awkward. Ever noticed that rempits are at it again since the fuel price dropped? Yes...just check out Kesas highway just before midnight right after Kota Kemuning exit. Looks like there is no way that bad habits are to take a break.

As we all lament that prices of food is ever higher, we Malaysians tend to take out our frustrations on something else that equally wastes more money. Even I am guilty to a certain extent. Could the depression of lesser buying power be cured with even more spending? I suppose not but then again why are we all falling victim to sales and lower petrol prices. More reckless drivers and riders, more reckless spending even more reckless decisions. Damn...we should fix this.

03 December, 2008

Dato' Zahar Hashim suspended 3 years.

Datuk Zahar Hashim who is head of UMNO Petaling Jaya Selatan is suspended for 3 years following the decision from UMNO disciplinary council on the various open ellegations he made. Namely the open letter to investigate the succession plan of Pak Lah and Najib, the Eurocopter dealings and money politics.

In my opinion the open letter is to the members of UMNO and the high council but the media managed to get a hold of it and made it public. On the Eurocopter deal is just to substantiate where is the people's money is being spent and what for while the issue on money politics is pretty much an open book that everyone knows UMNO is rampant with it.

Looks like the Iron fist is at it again.

Party ethics and Zaid Ibrahim

It appears the largest political entity in the country has ethics. Why am I surprised? Well I did not know that ethics also includes money politics, cronyism, lack of respect and other UMNO related behavior.

Zaid Ibrahim the ex-defacto Law Minister was sacked indefinitely from UMNO on the grounds that he has attended opposition party functions. Now I wonder what is wrong with that? It looks to me is the same as like going to their open house during festive season.

Unlike the many UMNO members who has all the time to lick the balls of those who can give them favours Zaid was merely extending the friendliness and perhaps to even know more about the enemy. They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

What should be the UMNO disciplinary committee's action was to give a suspension and a warning. But in any case the most extreme was given. But never mind, as if UMNO is such a great party to be affiliated to anyway.

Etheics? Pak Lah wants to talk about Ethics in UMNO? Please by all means mirror yourself and ask..... are you in complete control of your party? What about the kind of ethics practiced just outside the polling stations during the general elections? Don't talk about ethics Pak Lah when your merry men are actually the most rude and appalling manners this side of politics have ever seen.

02 December, 2008

Mumbai Terror: So called Muslim in Jihad?

Terrorist and terror attacks are the favourite terms used by the American media to spin everything that has mildly got to do with terrorism. They use it so much that I suspect that for every terrorist attack from 9/11 onwards will be compared with the 9/11 event it self.

The recent Mumbai terrorist melee left a scar that deepens the hate towards Muslim extremist. But should Muslims bare the brunt of the hatred? I bet many would say no and yet the prejudice exist in subtle ways. Take a man with a beard, skullcap and a serban cloth immediately Osama is uttered. Even if it was meant as a joke but it is equally disturbing.

This so called Jihad as labeled by those terrorist should not be taken seriously. Jihad is not the act of terrorism and should not in any way be linked. Motives can be the same but what fuels the violence should be paid attention as well. Calling every act of Muslim extremist or just because the participants are Muslims as an act of terrorism or Jihad is very rarely the right term to use.

This phobia is a well planned marketing strategy by those who wants to see Muslims having hard time and have some extreme religious vendetta. Sickening as it may seem and of course it is sad to see the loss of lives to some demented and mentally disturbed group of men, the majority of us reading the news too are guilty to a certain extent, giving views and criticizing the various parties that was involved the massacre.

The Jihad should be in our hearts but it has to be with all the right reasons. The proper way to do it is not by violence~ and Jihad does not nessecerily mean the need of violence.

01 December, 2008

BN is stupid not to amend ISA.

Stubborn is BN's attitude. Being in charge for the past 50 odd years has gone downhill since the last elections. It's is open season for BN when many wants the old to make way for the new. But why not include the abolishment of ISA?

If lobbying for all the support in the years to come is important to BN and the retainment of power within their ranks is critical why not do the best marketing pitch ever? Why is it that hard so change one dumb law?

Well, apparently it provides the best cover story or cover-up technique when the people in question fumbles big time and could not afford to suffer the loss. SO ISA acts like a stop watch as well as to draw attention to somewhere else.

BN does not act like a political party. Each of the coalition members have their own agenda and the people that represents UMNO are snakes and crocodiles. Well of course not all of them are bad...but for money politics to be rampant it should have a significant following.

Fail to plan for failure make plans utopia-like. But we all know that it is not true. Sure the veil of the ISA help to protect some moron's interest. Which include their immediate family members, close friends and associates. So ISA would might just be used to work in their favour for their own prosperity. What they don't know is, the people are not at all that dumb.