01 December, 2008

BN is stupid not to amend ISA.

Stubborn is BN's attitude. Being in charge for the past 50 odd years has gone downhill since the last elections. It's is open season for BN when many wants the old to make way for the new. But why not include the abolishment of ISA?

If lobbying for all the support in the years to come is important to BN and the retainment of power within their ranks is critical why not do the best marketing pitch ever? Why is it that hard so change one dumb law?

Well, apparently it provides the best cover story or cover-up technique when the people in question fumbles big time and could not afford to suffer the loss. SO ISA acts like a stop watch as well as to draw attention to somewhere else.

BN does not act like a political party. Each of the coalition members have their own agenda and the people that represents UMNO are snakes and crocodiles. Well of course not all of them are bad...but for money politics to be rampant it should have a significant following.

Fail to plan for failure make plans utopia-like. But we all know that it is not true. Sure the veil of the ISA help to protect some moron's interest. Which include their immediate family members, close friends and associates. So ISA would might just be used to work in their favour for their own prosperity. What they don't know is, the people are not at all that dumb.

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