03 December, 2008

Dato' Zahar Hashim suspended 3 years.

Datuk Zahar Hashim who is head of UMNO Petaling Jaya Selatan is suspended for 3 years following the decision from UMNO disciplinary council on the various open ellegations he made. Namely the open letter to investigate the succession plan of Pak Lah and Najib, the Eurocopter dealings and money politics.

In my opinion the open letter is to the members of UMNO and the high council but the media managed to get a hold of it and made it public. On the Eurocopter deal is just to substantiate where is the people's money is being spent and what for while the issue on money politics is pretty much an open book that everyone knows UMNO is rampant with it.

Looks like the Iron fist is at it again.

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