15 December, 2008

Going lower again? Happy news wont last forever.

No one is making noise about pump fuel prices no more. A sigh of relief? I would not be too optimistic. Then end of the year is near and a recession is looming and how long will this bliss last?

Contrary to what most would believe a commodity like petroleum can only go so low to a certain extent. Let us face it that prices wont be going down forever and when it rises it would be scary to think that it will be a sharp spike. It is better only for the fact that subsidies are no longer needed for a precious energy source.

The funds that would normally be allocated to fuel subsidies can be put to batter use but where exactly are the billions going to? Is there no one keeping an eye on this? I would believe that there is truth to the opposition's demands that the budget should be revised. The surplus billions if not looked after would most likely end up in someone else's pocket silently.

Still what is not satisfactorily handled is the prices of other daily goods. It is taking a bit too long for the prices to drop. In fact the margin that some goods do receive does not reflect to the dip in price of petroleum and it's products. Makes me wonder what are really the hidden costs that the manufacturers so often mentions when they are queried.

Transparency is not only a government's responsibility but should be the responsibility of private corporations as well in the act of good faith towards the public that gives them their annual revenues. Private corporations are quick when it comes to cost cutting measures but not fast enough when it comes to lowering the prices of their goods and services.

Fact is, it is just the way business are brutally are. The better their margin of profit the better it is for them. The lower their costs are the better for them. The lesser their workers are the easier for them to manage human resources and less headache on contributing to their EPF's.

It is a money money money world and a slight decrease is always bad. Cruel world so to speak but that is the circle of wealth and the dream to chase it. Social responsibility takes a back seat once too many times. When disaster strikes, it strikes with great anger and the casualties are the very same people who churn out the numbers for the very same companies who snuffs their social responsibility.

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