31 December, 2008

The Good and not so Good of 2008.

What a year this has been. As a citizen of this country my sentiments towards the government has somewhat not really changed. However there are a few things that made me rethink about the future and where this country is heading to. The ups and downs is inevitable but more important is what did we actually learn and improve upon. SO the good and not so good for the past 12 months has to be seriously taken into account.

The Good.
  • The ruling party BN has a lesser majority
  • Rakyat are better aware of their rights and laws
  • Sentiment against Anti ISA is very strong
  • Pressure applied to the government to further enhance their services
  • Pak Lah is stepping down
  • The people acknowledges that change is important
  • Better understanding of human rights
  • Prices of petrol has gone down.
The Not so Good.
  • Conspiracy and corruption is highly likely
  • The authorities act with force and aggression
  • Najib replaces Pak Lah
  • Religious and racial tension is used to spur the people
  • Higher cost of food and consumables
  • Same old seasonal natural disasters not remedied
  • Childish attitude of ruling coalition during general elections
  • Parliament circus and ruckus
  • UiTM's role in Malay supremecy

This year will end in less than 24 hours and what a good time it is to reflect if we have in fact become good citizens or not. Are we loyal to the country or loyal to the politicians and is money really everything? Be aware that we are still a growing nation and nothing else is more important than sticking together. If some idiotic politicians wants to trash it out so be it. It would be fun to watch but if the country runs into turmoil than an uprising should be very appropriate as a response from the people is pound for pound more powerful than a group of selfish politicians.

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