15 December, 2008

The Home Minister inteview by Malaysia Today.

Those who have read the interview must already know how much bullshit the answers from the YB Minister is. But I do have one question...did the Interview really took place? Well, certainly PRK wrote the report~ but how far is it true is really questionable.

I would be more convinced if the interview was a video recording or in audio recording with images taken from the interview. I have my doubts clearly but if and only if it is true that the response to the questions is very disturbing if not a bit stupid at times.

Ministers in my opinions are picked for their role and responsibility based on merit. But I think they also should be chosen after an IQ test is done as well because so far many ministers give contradicting facts if not to one another but towards themselves as well.

It reminds me of some blooper videos of President Bush and the numerous fumbles he has made. The integrity and respect towards such a pragmatic role is undeniably squashed to mere nothings. I must say if the saying is true that one cant teach old dogs new tricks then the same goes to those very ministers that make such an idiot of themselves in public.

I would then love to propose that a team of ministers be formed as a debate team and take on our public varsity undergraduates to see exactly how good our ministers really are. I bet you they wont last that long at all. In fact why not just dress them up as clowns and make them toys for circus lions instead. That would certainly be far more entertaining.

p/s: Note that the article is a satire afterall~ wished it was real though.

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WY Kam 甘永元 said...

dear sir, i hope you ll read this before many other people read your posting.

RPK's piece is a satire piece..i.e. the interview did not take place. but then again, he must have written it so well, that someone with your intelligent can even come to that conclusion.