27 December, 2008

I would love to see the day BN falls and UMNO deemed illegal.

Possibilities is an interesting thing whereby you can give an educated guess on an outcome. Not very much so in politics but there has been truth to what political analyst says of the last General Elections. So far the opposition has yet to gain anything more than that.

Much to the dismay of PKR supporters the takeover bid has pretty much stalled to the point that some may seem to forget about it. Well, I am not particularly concerned on which one will be able to claim they can flick the government off it's perch at the moment. But I am looking forward to the day that BN looses and UMNO is illegal. As if UMNO has not been trough that before.

Honestly speaking this UMNO Baru is really already become an UMNO Lama. What was once revolutionary thinking is simply Cobolt compared to ASP.Net. UMNO is in fact getting more and more irrelevant and the way it does things are getting dirtier and dirtier by the minute.

Since when I tell you that a party leader stays behind and instructs some other bunch of minions to administer suspension? Such a cowardly act~ For over 50 years UMNO does need a revamp.... or a rebirth is more like it. One way is to just flush all the filth that is in it now. How? Simply declare UMNO illegal and serves a ban until further notice or until someone wants to register a new party called "UMNO Baru Baru".

Other component parties of BN should be equally suspended too as they are indeed behind a conspiracy of fraud and corruption. Take the Sarawak chief Minister for example. He is really power crazy isn't he? Perhaps his ass is glued to the chair so that makes him some kind of a permanent fixture.

BN and UMNO certainly has changed. Changed in ways that some veterans think that no longer fits their ideals. UMNO and BN has morphed into some political monster that knows no bounds and care no one but it's won mighty deep pockets. I hope Najib will be the last president of UMNO. I hope that UMNO cease to exist in the not too distant future. The same goes to the rest of it's component parties. All of them can go to hell and burn to gases, if that is what it takes to get everything all right and clean again.

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