09 December, 2008

It is not only hillside developments.

Tragic could not possibly sum up the catastrophe of Bukit Antarabangsa. More so that it mirrors a tragedy that turns 15 years this 11th December. Not that we have no experience to handle such tragedies but more critical is the fact that the "Tidak Apa" attitude of local authorities and the government.

True enough that the Malaysian government has short term memory or perhaps they are playing the deaf ear to the calls that hillside property developments should be banned entirely. Somehow I smell that even if the ban is enforced some might just pay their way through to build so called homes near the gods.

We have a very well equipped search and rescue team yes but do we have a government that is good in preventative measures? This latest tragedy proves that we do not have one and urbanization plus capitalist could spell a crumbling crushing ending of lives and future.

We have to admit that apart from places like Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, town planning is non existent everywhere else. So much for world class and technologically advanced townships and cities when we fail to realize that the stuff we built before is not up to standards.

Yes, now many cry for heads to roll. But whom should be held responsible? Conveniently insurance in this country does not cover natural disasters and why is that? The probability is so low that coverage for such occurrences is not deemed necessary?

What about other natural disasters? If living too high up posses landslide what about those living lowland? Floods occurs too many times a year and yet situations have not really improved. Well digging the river deeper is not a permanent solution.

Tough luck living in this country I suppose. Live too high up and you see your house crashing down hill and living too low down see your house float away in the currents. What predicament are we to live with more with a one eye shut government and a sleeping PM? Thank god he is leaving but is his replacement any better?

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