11 December, 2008

The Malaysian cycling challenge.

It is good exercise and encourages a better form of making a stand for human rights. But somehow some might not just like the idea of anything apposing the government. It would be insulting to my readers to make them guess an idea of who is behind all this arrests and sabotage.

Already candle light vigils are not favourable especially amongst the hardened FRU perspex shields and now a peaceful and healthy convoy get stalled very often. I would say that in a way these freedom cyclist are actually doing more good than harm. They don't pollute, instills a very healthy lifestyle and at the same time is a social gathering of people of like minds and thoughts.

In fact I highly support the effort made and it is thoroughly hard to co-ordinate. I would have to say that 'Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas' is very creative and might just start a fad. No matter, police should have been helping to organize smooth traffic flow once the participants arrive and not arresting them and asking what some might say as a really stupid question.

Musa Hassan apparently have been informed but as usual there will be no reply. Either he is blind or deaf, it could be anyone's creative guesses. But I would rather say the "Tidak Apa" attitude is at it again.

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