13 December, 2008

The man who preaches without knowledge.

The human mind is an extremely complex thing. No science can ever peel the complex layers and study on how it really works and those who think they have found the answer is certainly just plucking things form thin air. Human behavior is a far more simpler thing to study.

I am writing this in response to a certain blogger named Surind and Mahaguru58 who have been trading blows in cyberspace trough their own blogs. I sense there is a sense of cause for both sides as one invades the beliefs of another and offends many who stumble upon their blogs.

To make things simple, religion is one part that opinions are best left to those who are educated and willing enough to open their minds to it just as long the order in which it is done is respectable. Here what Surind has done is certainly not well received. His views and perception on Islam is very disturbing and can only be caused by misleading information that he truly believes in. Mahaguru58 on the other hand as I have come to know him is an understanding person and has very strong principles regarding his faith in Islam.

It is not at all correct what Surind disseminates in his blog and I surely disapprove of its contents. It has been composed in such a way to simply give Islam negatively and stereotyping Muslims as violent people. It is beyond my comprehension on what lead Surind to publish such misleading information even if it is actually sourced from other blogs or websites.

Mahaguru58 did the right thing in making a police report and not taking things into his own hands apart from lambasting Surind on his own blog. To compare these two individuals is something as plain as dipping a white cloth into ink. The contrast is such that hate boils deep within Surind and Mahaguru58 is upholding what any Muslim feels and actually act upon it.

Surind is a dear good example of a blogger with a distorted purpose. The execution is terribly wrong and would surely spark the wrong kind of attention. He is brave yes but smart I have my doubts. What is best to be done is that more who finds what he publishes very offensive should lodge their own police report against him.

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