02 December, 2008

Mumbai Terror: So called Muslim in Jihad?

Terrorist and terror attacks are the favourite terms used by the American media to spin everything that has mildly got to do with terrorism. They use it so much that I suspect that for every terrorist attack from 9/11 onwards will be compared with the 9/11 event it self.

The recent Mumbai terrorist melee left a scar that deepens the hate towards Muslim extremist. But should Muslims bare the brunt of the hatred? I bet many would say no and yet the prejudice exist in subtle ways. Take a man with a beard, skullcap and a serban cloth immediately Osama is uttered. Even if it was meant as a joke but it is equally disturbing.

This so called Jihad as labeled by those terrorist should not be taken seriously. Jihad is not the act of terrorism and should not in any way be linked. Motives can be the same but what fuels the violence should be paid attention as well. Calling every act of Muslim extremist or just because the participants are Muslims as an act of terrorism or Jihad is very rarely the right term to use.

This phobia is a well planned marketing strategy by those who wants to see Muslims having hard time and have some extreme religious vendetta. Sickening as it may seem and of course it is sad to see the loss of lives to some demented and mentally disturbed group of men, the majority of us reading the news too are guilty to a certain extent, giving views and criticizing the various parties that was involved the massacre.

The Jihad should be in our hearts but it has to be with all the right reasons. The proper way to do it is not by violence~ and Jihad does not nessecerily mean the need of violence.

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