16 December, 2008

Opposition State Government Dogma

By common principle State Governments would have to follow certain things set by the Central Government. Especially when it comes to budget. However not till very recently that we have state governments that are managed run by the opposition. Which we will now see some stubborn acts to simply justify what oppositions do best.

So it is natural for opposition run state governments to simply annoy the central government. Take for instance issues such as roadsigns in Penang or the replacement of the official fleet of cars for state officials. Whatever claims that can be said about the cost of maintaining Proton Perdanas being astronomical is very subjective.

It is the dogma of being the opposition which simply tries to make it a hard time for the central government. Perhaps hoping that the central government will give up. However these issues could and would be detrimental to the efficiency of actually running the state. It would be better for them (the opposition) to concentrate on what they have in hand now rather than nosey into what is not within their scope of power.

BN is tested and again the reason for them not loosing their majority in parliament shows that the support the opposition have is still not enough. Have it ever been a thought that the states that the opposition controls now is a testbed to see if they can really run a state before the rakyat is really convinced that they can run the whole country?

I suppose I sound like a pro government now but I assure you I am not. As much I am fed up with how things are with the current government, I am also pretty worried of how the opposition is doing things. Perhaps it is best not to trust politicians at all. Perhaps the opposition is not really any different as compared to the rulling party.

Look at both sides of a coin and tell me that in essence both is not much different in value. Both sides can't face each other but both can't do without one another. What an ironic thing this politics is and who is left stuck in the middle but us the rakyat.

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