03 December, 2008

Party ethics and Zaid Ibrahim

It appears the largest political entity in the country has ethics. Why am I surprised? Well I did not know that ethics also includes money politics, cronyism, lack of respect and other UMNO related behavior.

Zaid Ibrahim the ex-defacto Law Minister was sacked indefinitely from UMNO on the grounds that he has attended opposition party functions. Now I wonder what is wrong with that? It looks to me is the same as like going to their open house during festive season.

Unlike the many UMNO members who has all the time to lick the balls of those who can give them favours Zaid was merely extending the friendliness and perhaps to even know more about the enemy. They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

What should be the UMNO disciplinary committee's action was to give a suspension and a warning. But in any case the most extreme was given. But never mind, as if UMNO is such a great party to be affiliated to anyway.

Etheics? Pak Lah wants to talk about Ethics in UMNO? Please by all means mirror yourself and ask..... are you in complete control of your party? What about the kind of ethics practiced just outside the polling stations during the general elections? Don't talk about ethics Pak Lah when your merry men are actually the most rude and appalling manners this side of politics have ever seen.

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