05 December, 2008

Recession looming and Sales is everywhere.

Consider that we are deemed doomed if we don't prepare for recession next year. Even if many say that we wont be hit that hard but still no recession is better and any recession at all. But do you realize something really odd? Shops are still on sale...or they just started again.

If recession is really a depressing thing and the people need fix to nurse the depressed soul shopping should not be on of it. But face it...just look around. Walk into any mall and there we see it. Offers upon discounts upon other types of incentives just so you whip out that wallet and itch to spend on something.

I just think that it is really awkward. Ever noticed that rempits are at it again since the fuel price dropped? Yes...just check out Kesas highway just before midnight right after Kota Kemuning exit. Looks like there is no way that bad habits are to take a break.

As we all lament that prices of food is ever higher, we Malaysians tend to take out our frustrations on something else that equally wastes more money. Even I am guilty to a certain extent. Could the depression of lesser buying power be cured with even more spending? I suppose not but then again why are we all falling victim to sales and lower petrol prices. More reckless drivers and riders, more reckless spending even more reckless decisions. Damn...we should fix this.


kruel74 said...

Even luxury items are on sale... and the mat rempits have big brothers riding on big bikes, who include politicians

Mberenis said...

I'd like to Post a Comment The recession really isn't that bad if you know where to look. The bailout money is spilling over to us believe it or not. I've done research and found that there is more money than what you think...

Bailout Spillover