20 December, 2008

Stupid things happen when Malays are afraid.

Do you believe that certain things can be avoided? I believe it can. When racial issues and the infamous Malay rights is in concern many times the situation gets out of hand when Malays cant keep their cool. Let me take the issue of Perwaris as a good example.

Could the pig's head mounted above a door be avoided if Perwaris did not put up public banners on certain racial and economic issues? Would the whole issue of Malay rights not be blown out of proportion if Malays be humble and kept their patience all these years?

This is not a dilemma but a habit that is hard coded somehow into the minds of Malays. When they feel hardship, they shout out for demands and allocations and subsidies. When they are doing well they tend to boast and show off. When they feel threatened they gang up and act rowdy. I am not saying that other races do not do the same but leadership by example they say.

Yes, Malays have been in power for as long as history says so. But they too have been used as puppets which they often hate to admit is because it is their own stupidity. So lessons learned is to simply be paranoid of every tiny thing that changes their mundane lives.

Without push wont come the shove but without patience there wont be clarity of sound decisions. Hence many times decisions are made and expressed emotionally and that is the very thing that disturbs the peace and tranquility. Why the need to make such loud banners and using uncultured copywriting?

BABI, BABI, BABI!!! One banner reads. Another painted in bold demands 70% instead of 30% from the NEP. Wey, come on lah~ 30% is already too good to be true.... you want that extra 40% mark up work for it lah bloody fools. What you think money grows on trees and frolic in vast paddy fields is it? That is why Malay have a saying "Katak bawah tempurung". Already a frog has a small brain and what makes it worse is they don't want to come out of the shell. Still want to stay in a place with no light. How to "Maju" like that?

Let this be a knock on that hard shell that cocoons the Malay mind. Nothing comes for free... with demands come hardwork and sacrifices. You want to ride on what your grandfather did 50 years ago all your life and not work for it? Bullshit, you need to work your end if the bargain were to maintain another 50 years.

"Se kecil kecil akal, tetap boleh barfikir. Jadi tolonglah pakai otak dan bukan emosi" Translation.... No matter how small the mind it can still think. So please use your brains to think, not your emotions. Yes yes.... HIDUP MELAYU and all that. But please live it with brains.


TeMagi said...

'When they are doing well' they criticize the others for living off the bumiputra policy from which they themselves enjoyed and benefited from!

DK said...

I'm brave enough to leave my blog site!
You are absalutely right, it's not the Malays or the Chinese or Indians, "Tanah Melayu' will always be what it is, no one wants to take it except those who are with small brains as you mentioned.

We should all think 'Malaysia' and 'Malaysian' no heritage will be lost if we just open our minds and do not fear what's not going to happen.