06 December, 2008

There are more writers for online media in jail than other media staff.

What is the new thing to be in jail for these days? It is not arson, murder, fraud or terrorism.....it's blogging. Which is not only occurring in Malaysia but in other parts of the world as well.

But it should be a reformist for the media world where professional journalism has new competition and that bloggers can sometimes get the best stories first. Yes, certainly we bloggers are a bit gung ho but it is also to our freedom that we decide what we want to write and not subjected to the politics of some chief editor.

Still at the rate we are going and if governments would want to sift the net of blogs I think every one of us is guilty to an extent. Come on it is an open goal for everyone to say anything about leadership and politics which is also in such a n absurd state that defies governance logic.

But you know what makes blogs so much more fun than your run off the printing mill newspapers? It is more personal, has more character and is written with a passion and genuine interest unlike reporters who are simply told to cover events and stories just because it is listed in their daily roster.

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jtaglione555 said...

Wow...had no idea. It's just so scary to think of not having the right to well, write.