26 December, 2008

UMNO no longer loyal. That is why they are leaving.

Loyalty seems to have a price. Should one be loyal to a person if they got cheated? I don't think anyone would say yes. Same goes to a political party. Members sign up because they see it is beneficial to. What happens when they decide to leave? Makes simple sense that the party no longer gives them any benefits of does not not fit their taste buds anymore. Perfect human behavior if you ask me.

Why Datuk Zahar Hashim is getting hot comments from his ex party mates? It is a normal reaction when suddenly a man has a change of heart and can no longer see the benefits of stating with UMNO. Perhaps he has been in the party for 20 years and seen things getting from bad to worse. Perhaps that is even why he left to join PAS. Enough of the crap is very likely.

20 years of UMNO experience is sure no bed of roses. Certainly the amount of bullshit for all those years can be suffocating. Thus that is perhaps why that old man left. And I bet it is a wise thing for him to do. Why swim in someone else shit right?

Compare to what Nor Azman Mohd. Nor feels it just does not amount to the wisdom of someone who has for 20 years sweat, bleed and cried for the party and what Zahar finally decided upon. It is all about principles and seems to me that is what sets the seniors apart from the seniors. What is sure? UMNO has lost a man with good principles just to uphold a minority who seems to soak all the riches for themselves.

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