18 December, 2008

Unearthing the mystery of Selangor Wives millions.

The most developed state in the country has it's stately women questioned for the millions. Badan Amal Kebajikan Isteri-Isteri Selangor as we all know it is suppose to be a charitable and social work organization. However just when BN lost Selangor to the opposition quickly those funds were tranfered elsewhere. The total sum of RM 9.9 million just simply hopped out of the accounts and into another organization's piggy.

Of course what is to be expected from an organization that was first formed during BN's rule of Selangor and it would be purely common sense that all assets are to be dissolved if ever a change of power in the state occurs. It seems perfectly logical to me but the sudden closure of the organization and the swift transfer of the funds is without any consultation. Thus it raises questions if really was RM9.9 million was all that was transferred and not a sen went somewhere else.

Some to are questioning where on earth did all that money come from. But just look at the credentials of all those in the committee before and just recently before it's dissolution. Who were they again? Wives of politicians.....rich politicians to be specific. Details of the accounts are not made public anyway since it is not required by law and hence nothing much can be really said of it. But the opposition sees an opportunity to cash into the issue and raise their doubt that Balkis might be a a funnel the channel funds in certain ways not permissible.

If I were you I wont be too bothered. Partially that RM 9.9 million might have come from or caused by illegal or immoral gains but it should be the current State Government and the ruling state party to make sure they are indeed transparent in all their deals and administration. Putting their effort into digging up skeletons of the previous government is not to be priority.

I sense that PKR might just want to highlight the bad of their foes and simply forget they have a bigger responsibility. Yes certainly millions is millions but let the authorities make their investigations proper before starting to aim arrows at their nemesis.

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