30 December, 2008

Use of Internet and Phones for garnerring votes.

Use of Internet and Phones for garnerring votes is such a new idea and only of the recent General Elections I bet was the realization of how useful electronic and digital communication can be. The opposition used it to great effect to swing votes their way and somewhat managed pretty well in the light that they took 5 states leaving BN to pretty much wonder what the hell went wrong with their campaign. Information seems to be everything these days.

Happy to note that a member of BN, Gerakan seems to see the need of such strategy for the Kuala Terengganu By elections. However it might just reach to those who are tech savvy, I do not know how many within the constituency that is under their care falls as IT literate but some ground work should still somewhat be relevant.

But the last outing was not that much of a difference. So would Gerakan's tiny plan work that much for BN? Most probably not. But it is still a commendable effort nonetheless.

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