27 December, 2008

Will Kuala Terangganu be the final battle ground for BN to prove that it is still relevant?

It was a hard knock in the last General Elections. Then there was Permatang Pauh which is telling that BN better do a rethink. Now it is Kuala Terengganu.... will people now realize that BN is no longer relevant? 

PKR will be all out to prove that and by the looks of the way things are going BN is coming in with false expectations. Terengganu is a state where it should be the richest since it is Petroleum rich. Yet the state has not really got the progress hook.

It will be a last ditch effort for BN to win this seat as it would set the tone for Malaysian politics next year. So far the nominated Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh seems to be happy but contest day is still sometime far away and he does not know who is he up against for certain.

The acid test is for BN and not PKR as BN has a lot to loose. Consider this~ if the voters of Kuala Terengganu votes for PKR then a slap in the face would be for BN to accept that they are no longer trusted. Pak Lah will not exit as the man who kept BN in power but as the man who caused BN to loose it's privileges. Najib will then have to pick up the debris and lick the wounds.

Kuala Terengganu might be a start... but be certain if BN loose it isn't just the beginning to a downfall. But a crushing end to decades of trust.

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