23 December, 2009

Tun M in nothing to loose mode.

It does occur to me that if someone who has nothing to loose, that person could take on a cocky demeanor. Not entirely am I implying that our Ex-PM is so but think of it as a post retirement enthusiasm on his part.

But look, he is merely being "fair" by also wanting Tun Pak Lah to be dragged in on dubious and shoddy "spending". It goes to show that as much as Tun M would like to admit he would bring down along whoever he thinks he could along with him if he were to crash and burn with a bang.

Very 1Malaysia don't you think?

Read the report

21 December, 2009

Skin the MPs who do not attend.

Yes, my thoughts about this matter is fairly simple. These are the people who the Rakyat has chosen to represent them. For many times MPs has taken attendance in parliament very lightly and most recently the opposition nearly got the better of them. It is simple if you are not present to cast your vote for a bill then it is an even bigger sin than not voting during the General Elections.

Imagine that a country driven by the house of parliament needs to be constantly vigilant and aware that votes carry a bigger responsibility and not just a show of hands. Civil servants where saved by a whisker of votes (3 to be exact) to pass the budget that included their pay for the entire fiscal year of 2010.

What would happen if that was not passed? Expect people resigning from the civil service in a blink and the country will then fall to turmoil. These MPs have to realize that their main responsibility is not to attend dinners and functions even if the free food is that good. Who would call them to such food fest and celebration if they did not carry out their duties anyway?

BN is obviously in deep trouble and the opposition nearly capitalized. Which in all due respect is to never underestimate the opposition. Let alone one led by Anwar who certainly knows the technicalities of parliament like the back of his bottom.

RPK in hiding.

The many times he has been called to court and he did not turn up. What do you think happened? Obviously if one has done something wrong it would make sense to go into hiding. But a man such as RPK who many times caused controversy surrounding the Malaysian political scene has always stated his sources are true should not be hiding away. It contradicts to what he has been doing all the while.

Has RPK called it chicken? Or he has been harassed or blackmailed by someone not to reveal anymore dirty secrets? Perhaps he was playing a game that he knew would need some swift exit out of the country. Whatever it is running will not solve anything.

For all the facts that RPK has dispersed to the public he should at least be responsible to own up to whatever misinformation he has shuffled trough his nifty fingers. What is for certain is that RPK has been out of sight for a very long time now.

07 December, 2009

The Malaysian way of business politics.

No longer am i intrigued by the general way of doing business with the government. The deep dark way has seeped into every facet of getting things done period. The way the government awards projects to their dubious contractors are not only a waste of public funds but also a bloody pain to carry out and complete. I do not know how is it in other countries but this main contractor, sub contractors and sub sub contractors has got to bloody stop.

Politicians may be smart to talk with all kinds of frostings and bullshit. But the even smarter ones are businessmen who are forced to conduct their dealings with these politicians simply because it takes too long or nearly hopeless to go trough the normal process. On top of that the "Jaga Anak Ikan" mentality is actually incurring higher costs.

Just pick any projects awarded by the government and I can bet you 100% that none are bribe free. Sure-sure now the SPRM is very active and to the extent of zealous in catching all this bribes but again SPRM is not entirely impartial and the definition of bribery has taken many forms.

Another aspect is that these main contractors I believe buys so much lunch and dinner for their political contacts that it could feed a whole impoverish village for years. Now can you understand where I am getting at? Concentrating so much on getting a project but not really bothered on the quality, time and resources that is spent in actually completing it. That is why we see the government spending like idiots simply because they are idiots. A RM11,000 laptop for the farts sitting in parliament.... what is that for? They need to do dot net programming and auto CADs is it?

In all my honesty I implore those private firms thinking it is a worthwhile effort to buy these idiotic politicians food for favours. Stop it, because they are very well fed enough to be sleeping in various talks, seminars and meetings to drool over overly expansive IT hardware dreaming of becoming rich and powerful one day.

02 December, 2009

Cigarettes to be sold only in packs of 20s and above. The reason stated is Stupid.

I question sometimes how someone can make a public statement and try to make themselves sound intelligent and miserably fail time and time again. The subject matter here is in selling cigarettes in no less than packs of 20s. The stupid reason is so that it would be harder for minors to buy them.


In case they forget... many shops do sell cigarettes in loose sticks. So please tell me would the strategy work entirely? Or there is by divine intervention that buy selling in larger packs these kids will give up? No, they can start sharing to buy a box right?

The form of packaging would not give an impact that is sought after. It is the sellers that needs to be monitored and legal action taken if they sell to minors. This could be the case of following just because other countries are doing it as well. Follow the herd~ yes follow the herd!!!!

Report here (In BM).

11 November, 2009

To potong or not to potong.

The current ISP war is raging between TM and P1. The concept of marketing is somewhat lewd but it is funny. There are some complaining that the advertisements should be censored because it carries a double meaning. Hey, if you get it you get it lah~ if you don't then you are naive.

But seriously between both services there is nothing much to it. Both have their own problems. But seriously the service which the ISPs in this country is giving is utter bullshit. Relatively our internet services is still expensive comparatively to the speed what we are getting. Don't get me started on the downtime.

Infact I have not been paying for the service since I suffer more downtime than actual usage. In other words I am fed up. I say potong all lah~ just visit the nearest mamak and order a teh tarik and enjoy their free wifi.

10 November, 2009

Another round of post-mortem for Teoh.

I am wondering why our forensics are very fickle in their undertakings. Why would there be the need to do a second postmortem if the first one was done properly? This case of Teoh is leading to a big mess and seriously indicates the quality of investigation. When one suddenly comes and gives a contradicting statement the story changes all the sudden and everything has to be re-done.

So the body will be exhumed yet again.... prodded...opened... and prodded some more. When can a man rest in peace these days? Especially if involving a suspicious death. By the way~ not really being insensitive~ why does his relatives carry a picture of Teoh for everything? It is indeed a culture that I do not understand. Can someone explain to me please?

02 November, 2009

Former Perlis Mufti detained for what?

Sometimes the law can be a constrictive thing. In this case a gathering of 100 people at a private home. However only the ex-mufti was detained but not those who attended. But the police was mere assisting JAIS~ so they say. I find that hard to believe really. Why would JAIS request the help of police detain that man? Couldn't JAIS have done that themselves? I feel like there is something fishy going on. But well~ how they run their operations is non of our business especially a humble blogger like me.

Official news report here.

26 October, 2009

How far along will the new budget help us?

The general thoughts on the new budget is pretty positive. But seriously~ those are only suggestions and believe me not all will fall trough. It escapes the most of us that every time a new budget is tabled everything is well received but what is actually passed on no one really cares.

The upset is always when somewhere along the timeline when we hear a price increase of this and that all the sudden and blame it on the government which is suppose to keep tabs on the market forces. Well, let me tell you this~ do you think they have all the bloody time to bother about every single sen of yours?

Be ready to get disappointed sometime in 2010.

14 October, 2009

An UMNO of Quality.

If Najib wishes to see that his party gains an amount of quality then it should always start with him. So indeed UMNO might be moving in the right direction (for once) but in comparison the opposition has improved so much more in such a short time span. But the big dog of Malaysian politics will have to start learning new tricks and that is what Najib will have to do.

The reforms which are suggested sounds very interesting. However there are some attitudes that are very hard to beat. First is the Malay supremacy crap. Come on~ is there really such thing to begin with? If there were any it died a long time ago during the downfall of the Malacca Sultanate. Second, this youth / putri thing is a total load of crap. Can't we just have one UMNO? Why must one political thought be segregated by age? Third, for the love of god please stop spending millions on useless conferences and other events that only benefit UMNO members.

An UMNO of quality need to have integrity.

13 October, 2009

BN lifted with Bagan Pinang win.

It's like a big thing winning a By Election these days for BN. I think it is because they have been loosing most of it. But can those of BN simply say that the confidence for the party has been rejuvenated because of the win in Bagan Pinang? I think it is an over statement.

A victory in just one By Elections could never be a yardstick for voter's confidence nationwide. It is just to show that particular constituency supports that party. That is all. I think BN leader are just hyping up the win to lift the spirits of the many BN supporters who have been jaded to see BN loosing the past few By Elections.

"Menang satu tak semestinya menang semua"

29 September, 2009

Tun M realized finally that we were getting fed up of him.

Some believe that leaders are born while some have valid reasons to believe that they are trained and educated. I would say both are somewhat true. In respect to Tun M and the 22 years he raigned as PM I have great admiration. Not because he was PM for so long but for the fact that someone who could be content and complecent he choose not to and in the end gave up his seat with dignity for a change.

I can bet my Ringgit that not many leaders are willing to do that even if they are given a 50 year term. They would want to stay 50 more perhaps for reasons that retirement gets them out of their comfort zone. Like many a transition of power of other countries that are controlled by a rigid system such as the United States people tend to loose patience after awhile. So it is either you get outsted or you get "whacked".

Good reason to change leaders is so that new ideas can see the light of day and just like clothes ideas can be in and out of fashion as well. The delivery of ideas also needs to change as no 2 deliveries for one idea provides for the exact same outcome.

To translate to the current batch of leaders that have served for too many years my sentiment goes the same to them. If there is not a marked improvement that they make at the end of every term they should very well know when to bow down and out instead of waiting for their curtain call. To the likes of Nik Aziz and Sammy Vellu the time has certainly come and passed. But it seems they prefer to be like a stubborn stain and ride on sentimental values helped largely by their sentimental supporters who are too afraid to rock towards slighty more choppy waters.

The fact of this is evident. We see things not moving anywhere to the most part but in some instances it may be moving backwards. Of course there needs to be a transition. The task and responsibilities of a leader is not something to be taken lightly let alone to be passed on like a can of baked beans at a camping ground.

What I feel that makes a good leader is not only in the ability to manage resources but also to rejuvenate and know when exactly to drop the sickle and call it a day indefinitely. Good leaders has to be alert not only to the environment but to themselves. Because if the environment wants to move forward but the leader cant do so then he or she is holding up everyone else. When things come to that event then a good leader becomes a selfish leader in a blink.

The Star

28 September, 2009

Dr. M supports Makkal Sakthi but what if....

Amusing turn of events this is. Just earlier this year to chant Makkal Sakthi would get one into trouble with the authorities. Well soon that would be legal and the BN led government will shout it out loud proudly too. Yes it is surely something unimaginable when the street protest took place sometime ago.

I do laud the initiative to make Makkal Sakthi a proper political party. But for them to turn to the BN coalition is actually a bit of a disappointment. They would indeed give a better fight if they are the opposition and gives a level playing field and BN will have a run for it's money. Perhaps there was a change of heart from the party leaders which lead them to think that if they work with the coalition in power they would get it easier. Logical enough to me~ but gaining something I bet the party lost some as well.

It is also a sign that to have another Indian Party seems to give tell-tale signs that MIC is not really holding up to it's baton as savior for the Indian Malaysians. Looks like Sammy would be around for a bit longer to ensure his party get what it wants or else it will just seep trough to the young gunners chanting Makkal Sakthi.

Loyalty expected but it comes at a price.

With the choke hold on the economy relaxing a tiny bit could we see a spike in job openings? I have been monitoring the various online job sites and new job openings are a bit scarce in general. Unless you place your self dirt cheap of course, but who does? Again if you are beyond desperate I have nothing else to say to you.

I do believe that to some extent some of us a very loyal to our employers. Perhaps it is because of certain benefits or the precise strategy aligned just so that one can leap frog to higher positions in the tree. Which of course takes years and years of hard work on most cases. Dirty politics please stamp your mark here.

But just ask someone about job satisfaction almost all the time they say is money when in fact it is actually time (workaholics need not apply here). What drives a person to be loyal towards their employer? It takes a certain amount of security and perks. So money may not be the reason half of the time. If you can agree with me it is always an external factor that determines loyalty.

So from my insistent observation outcome of employee loyalty can be defined as money divided by time multiplied by perks with the result of that squared off by satisfaction. Yes, try calculating that and come up with a definite answer if you should stay or otherwise. Of course that is an objective approach, which many of us take a more subjective approach because it is simpler and bangs the buck on the feel good factor to individuals.

So if you are faced with a tough decision of should you stay or not, you make take either one of the two methods I have given. Not that it is full proof but it surely beats the hell out of flipping a coin. Then again at some point it is almost always about the money.

Best of buddies.

I can't believe such lies. For one how could PAS claim that they are good friends with other parties in PKR. If it is true none should have any disputes with their partners in crime. One thing is for sure PAS has since compromised it's stand the moment they joined PKR. For benefit in one way or the other but it seems that they are very capable in mingling.

Now the issue of certain PAS division wanting to split from PKR. It could never happen because if divisions were to act on their own then why be part of a party in the first place? It is notorious of any political party that it is for gains in one way or the other. The many times the calling for "To Serve the People" is simply bollocks. Nothing is for free and even if it is free it still costs something somehow.

Even within BN on party will tell the another party to mind it's own business. Take the latest MIC party elections as a very good example. Tun M was told to bugger off and indirectly other BN component parties are told to collect their own laundry too.

It is just simply a fact, no matter how tight tow parties seem to be it is just for the benefit of cheap media attention. Well go on ahead. Live that lie and lead your people to it.

25 September, 2009

Which one is it that you have less? Time or Money?

I was presented this question plenty of times. But before the answer never seem to be that important to me until recently. We have X amount of time and an X amount of money. What it is normally is that we get an equal amount of money based on the amount of time put in. Now, it is simple common sense that everyone can make money regardless what they do. But without the time put in it is impossible to make a single cent. Makes sense doesn't it?

Well, the government has allowed civil servants to take up a second job. Which if I am guessing correctly that as long it does not interfere with the actual working hours it is fine. But seriously, we have only 24 hours per day. It does not matter is you are rich, poor, weak or powerful, good looking or your face looks like a mash-up of Bush and Margeret Thatcher. So where is the time to have a second job, in fact where is there is enough time to manage anything else in your life?

It strikes me as odd that no matter what you do everything is charged as per hour basis at the basic level. Now what we need is not more money as one hour can only be saturated with the money one makes but we actually need time. So wee see some people starts work at 8am and ends at 5pm. Some do so at 9am and finish at 6pm. Some take the extra effort to do an extra shift. Some sacrifice not to take their annual leave so as to be compensated in monetary value.

So what do we actually need? More money or more time? I would choose the latter because it presents me with more options than say an increase in pay of 20% but still stick to the hours. Predictably more and more enterprises out there offer a so called passive income system. Or the common term is let the money work for you instead you working for the money. However the biggest hurdle is not what we can do but what do we want to do. To do that requires a leap of faith to some and obviously sacrifices. So honestly what would you pick? Time? or Money?

What does it mean when Malaysia is yet again embarking into F1.

In all the turmoil in the global market some very rich and powerful Malaysians think they should get started into an F1 team. Well, for one I can say good for them. Second of all let us be reminded that this should not be just a marketing ploy. Although the PM has mentioned it plenty of times as quoted in the formal media. Perhaps the Pm does not want to explain in detail what else a Malaysian owned F1 team can do for the country. Perhaps just not yet.

Also it is not surprising that Mr. AirAsia @ Tony Fernandes is team principle. Which consequently he is also the initiator to this highly volatile investment. But what does it mean to the rest of us Malaysians? Would the tickets to watch the F1 in Sepang be cheaper? No, it has nothing to do with the team. Would this mean local brands who can afford the advertising have their brands paraded in 300km/h feather light cars? Yes.

Seriously, it would be a good consideration and oppurtunity for local brands that wants to break the international market to gain exposure just as how Mr. Tony has done for Air Asia in the Enlish Premier League. Imagine brands like Babas, Jackel and even the infamous Mc Curry on an F1 car? Of course it will be expensive and I doubt the brands I mentioned can afford it but imagination is where every success story starts.

I would not go as far as saying that it will be a Malaysian F1 team. Because it is not really. It is owned by Malaysian business entity yes. So in the mix there cannot be a pure Malaysian F1 team. We lack the expertise and knowledge which can be clawed back from smart investments and securing deals with the relevent experts in the sport.

Would it make it as good as how Honda and Toyota could? Well based on the expectations from the Lotus know how and Cosworth horse power we should be in capable hands if and only if politics do not play too much a part in it's management. I would love to see this happen and 10 years down the line the 1Malaysia F1 Team woul still be competing. Now that would be a mighty good thing.

Just to factor in what the rakyat expects and the reality of this sport, not everyone makes it here. The number that has faltered is a tell-tale sign of how bad things could be if a grave error or greed is simmering somewhere deep in the team's bowels. I would bet my money that with political intevention the team wont even last 3 full seasons and hundreds of millions just thrown away burnt forever in the asphalt of race circuits. Well if it is entire free of political satans then I can say Malaysia will be in active competition for a very very long time.

09 September, 2009

Khairy should take acting seriously.

I seriously think he has used all his talents very well here. Which he should consider a career change. This video is a cracker!!!!

08 September, 2009

Proton BLM gets in list of 50 Cars Made For At Least 20 Years.

Wow~ OK fine it is not from an official auto mag like AutoCar or Road&Track or even TGM. But still I am mighty proud to see a Malaysian car in the list~ albeit it is still referred as a Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore. Or perhap they are referring to a Lancer Fiore but somehow can't find the right image.

Anyhow go trough the list at

05 September, 2009

Indonesians demand for RM800

Looks like the cost of living for Malaysian families might just go up. Already Filipino domestic helpers go for a higher wage than their Indonesian counter parts so why not join in the bandwagon. Really if this RM800 materialize than it would not be according to the market demands since there is a minimum.

Another thing is at that cost per month we might see a lot of people sending their maids off. RM800 does not constitute for the cost that the maids incur themselves for food and lodging at their place of work. So the actual cost would undoubtedly be higher than what they are asking for.

For that kind of money we might just as well send the kids to a nursery. At least they will get an early start in education which I bet you maids do not do that well. In response to this demand I bet the market will in turn want a list of services that the maids will do so everything will be justified.

They would soon not only need to wash, clean and cook but other various duties will be included as well. The idea an off day has been a debate as well but I do seriously think it is very fair because maids normally work more than 12 hours a day. I am sure some sort of consensus can be met to see that both sides are happy. We do need their services and they do need the job.

02 September, 2009

Internal Security Council: One step in the right direction

It is good sense to first amend the ISA instead of abolishing it. But how it is amended would be under great scrutiny of the rakyat. So to me the first move is in the correct direction. Having a council to determine who gets in the inner sanctum of Kamunting would far more just than decision resting on one minister. However, the question arises of what if the top draws for this council is influenced by one party or the other making the verdicts one sided.

Lets just hope everything canbe as fair as it possibly can. Lets see what else is under review for the ISA. It's just that the waiting thing can be a bitch.

01 September, 2009

Again the government flip-flop. This time on RON97

This has become a habit. Saying one thing then doing another. Promisses to get things done but suddenly change and say it could not be done. Thus again we see the government not really keeping their promise~

So first they say RM2.00 per litre of RON97....
Now we see RM2.05 per litre~
Aiks~ I know it is a small margin but still principle is principle...
If you know you can't commit to the figure in the future then dont bloody announce it until it is suppose to take effect.

Numb nuts.

27 August, 2009

Panel suggest Soi Lek to be sacked.

It his highly unfortunate that something that happened years ago comes back haunting. What started as a personal matter has leaked in a hot dvd and distributed to bring down a man. Even when the matter has been dropped but the disciplinary panel decides that it would be best to sack him.

Chua Soi Lek is somewhat unlucky here. I guess some people just can't forgive let alone forget. Now it is up to tha party to finally decide if the man stays or not. Which I think Soi Lek's frolic in politics might just come to an end. If that happens would you think he would be coaxed to join the other side of the political divide? That would certainly make BN cringe.

26 August, 2009

Malaysia Islamic State does not have the capacity.

Hishammuddin clearly admitted that Malaysian Prisons do have the capacity to carry out Syariah Courts sentences. Which is primarily whipping. It strikes me as very odd since that it is not only yesterday that Malaysia declares itself as an Islamic State. Thus all that time it was never thought off? Or is it a joke? A hoax perhaps?

Whatever lah~ I think it is ubsurd to claim as such.

PAS retains Permatang Pasir.

With the by elections held in Permatang Pasir finally concluded it is for certain that it is almost impossible for BN to take over from an opposition led seat especially if the candidate is from PAS. It is very notorious of PAS now to win any by elections just as long they held the seat previously.

Again BN sees that to crack PAS takes a lot more then just fielding a candidate. BN candidates has to be literally have a flawless background which is like a needle in a haystack for the BN camp. But I cant deny their spirit of trying. Well, try and try again then.

20 August, 2009

Job Interview Tips Twist : Tip 1 to 6

Job Interview Tip 1 # You know the company is bad if the person who interviews you stinks like bad Yam Cake.

Job Interview Tip 2# You know that the company is not for you when the parking costs alone is more than 10% of your pay accumulated for a month and the company does not pay it for you

Job Interview Tip 3# The company offers more than 50% your asking pay. For you know you will be signing up to hell afterwards and basically selling your soul to the devil. You might get rich in the process but you end up senile. You choose.

Job Interview Tip 4# If you arrive and see there are other candidates waiting their turn do not disclose to them exactly what position you are there for. Also do not start chit chatting and sharing ideas. It does not benefit you or them because you are competitors. You want that job right? So behave like you need it.

Job Interview Tip 5# Don't arrive all sweaty. Call the receptionist a few days before and get the address and survey the place. Please arrive after a meal in your stomach. You dont want your stomach growling in anger during the interview.

Job Interview Tip #6 Ask if the company is religion friendly. If Muslim ask if they have a Surau and the flexible hours for Friday prayers. If not give them the royal finger and walk out...

Tun M suggest that race and religion details be dropped from official forms.

From the article in NST Dr. M agrees for the race and religion columns be dropped from official forms. Not that it is really being used. To some extent I agree. Most of the time it is a very annoying thing to fill up. But sometimes this information is useful to properly coordinate conduct towards a person.

However it must be a good idea because then one will not pre-judge someone before meeting the person themselves. It gives the opportunity for a very fair view. Especially in interviews. But could it be possible that the trend will catch on in the private sector if the government were to decide on abolishing this? It is an old habit.... which extends beyond just clerical significance.

Often we see description for job placements that specifies race. Well, if the job in question concerns in tendering liquor or pork then it is understandable. But if it is not then why should there be specifics for race and gender? Well, in my line of work often the fairer sex do not last very long. Either the politics disgusts them or the work pressure it self is beyond what they can cope. Thus most of the time we have to specify gender and sometimes race~ since you know... our government has this Bumiputera allocation thingy.

So for just a simple form adjustments it actually rally boils down way deeper than one might think. So for this form to omit race and religion then we have all got to change our mindset. Now that is very hard to do since for generations we have been practicing to solicit this idea daily. So would this effort be useful? No, certainly not anytime soon. For as long there is the habit of race or religion specific preference then these forms will forever be used.

Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

There is a saying in Malay "Tangan wanita boleh mengoncang dunia" or "Woman's hands can shake the world". At least I think it sounds something like that. Anyway with that the link below presents you the 100 most powerful women in the world.

In the top 10 there is only 1 Asian, Ho Ching CEO of Temasek Singapore. Down the list is an Indonesian and lower still another Singaporean. Yes, no Malaysian women listed yet. Could it be possible to see Rosmah, wife of our current PM to manage the list anytime soon? I doubt~ but it would be an achievement that could either scare us or make us proud. Hahahahah~!!!

Blindly follow to the death trap.

The Port Klang Authority are really in for it this time. Looks like the trust they had for PKFZ management has ended belly side up. Now it is for dead the PKA will be in for a sour of a time because of simply too much trust given to PKFZ.

Now what is suspected is that certain decisions was made without the full knowledge of the PKA. Or perhaps it is the "You leave it all to me, everything will be OK lah". It appears that it is not a practiced policy on the dissemination of information. Thus one party may say something and the received information evolves into something else.

What the investigation of this matter should include is all forms of communication done. Letters, memos and emails must be looked into to see any discrepencies. The correspondents then will need to be questioned for all the communication made between them.

Looks like this is far from settled and many more heads will roll.

19 August, 2009

Parliament may amend ISA in next sitting.

With pressure from certain groups looks like the government may amend the ISA in their next sitting. But is is not clear what exactly will they be amending and what will be approved in the end. Could we see a sudden stringent leash of ISA or the lack of slack. Hope there wont be another dumb rally for this.

Report from NST here.

Stinky: Sail together or sink individually.

This is from my personal account. There is a specific person in mind but nevermind about that. My arguement here is the motto. "Sail together or sink individually"? Now with a glance does that sound right? From one's motto a person could tell what sort of mentality you have and this confirms my suspicion that apart from being absolutely stupid this person is ignorant as well.

It somewhat describes one would love to follow but at the hint of troule he will abandon you at moments notice. How comforting. Applying that to the real world (somehow I think he lives in a made up world of his own) it could never be applied even once with success.

From someone's status in Facebook or Skype or something they post in twitter the character of a person can be clearly described in a short sentence. Proudly displaying arrogance and a self absorbed persona which naturally does not bring any good or friends.

Clearly such a person can never be counted on unless there is something in for that person. There is not a charitable heart in the individual or is there any forgiveness in him. Of course I can put this sentence in a positive manner but the way it is applied in this situation is simply what we Asian call as Kiasu.

If any of you have such a person within your office, you will not loose anything by not taking this moron into your team. In fact everything could just go wrong if you do. I can't imagine if such a thing is applied on a ship. It would probably sink the moment it leaves port. No man or animal deserves a person that is so self absorbed. When it is good they are there with you when you wilt they fly away from you. In the end it is best to say FUCK you..... drown bitch drown.

17 August, 2009

MACC: The thick skinned assult.

Many many issues of late that surrounds the MACC. With the one that tops the list is the death of a political aide. The reports so far from that investigation is vague~ there seems to be a lot of "maybe" in it all and those testifying cant be said to be conclusive to one say. Somehow in all this the MACC is getting the uglier butt of the stick. But since when being popular matters in their line of duty?

There has been many questioning if MACC is fair in what they do. In fact the number of people being investigated is claimed to be more towards those who appose the government. Well how far this is true I am not too sure but the press seems to prefer covering casses of the opposition with indepth commentaries as compared to those affiliated to BN.

For sure MACC could not be blamed entirely and at the same time it does not help being disliked either. In retaliation for investigating politicians MACC might even want to review it's methods. More because of getting sick and tired of being criticized rather than non effective investigation methods.

But who is lying to who really? One side say the other is lying~ the other quickly lambasts and refute the claims just as swiftly. Observers like the rakyat are just left the bitter bit of second guessing what is what and who did what. What is the outcome is immeterial because I do believe that Politicians are never clean. In fact to some extent politicians are meant to be that way. If not for dirty tactics then how to survive? It takes one to be one in order to stay as one. I just have to say if MACC really wants to go out there and do whatever it takes to get the job done then regardless of whoever says anything about them, they have to just get on to it. Guilty or not is up to the courst to decide and not MACC. Simple~ Investigate push it forward trough the system and let the law handle everything else.

Permatang Pasir: Rohaizad is ready for the taunts.

It is insignificant or so says BN supporters on the issue of their candidate being dropped from the Bar Council's list. By law he did nothing wrong. But it is clearly stated in NST that morally what he did was not right. Hmmm.... what exactly it was I couldn't find it. but nonetheless Rohaizad says that he is ready for the insults in that respect come by election day.

Brave one that man but it is not like we are not accustomed to BN fielding someone who has a past they wish to forget. So now it seems that BN claims not to bring up the past but it is OK for them to bring up skeletons of their challengers. When it is the "cakap tak serupa bikin" things leave it to BN to devise the penultimate plot.

Good note that they did not say he was a lawyer.

Net Etiquette: The Blueprint of failure.

Safe keeping the Nation's fundementals so they say. What is the Nation's fundementals? Democracy? Which version of it? Their version or the rakyat's version? This race, religion and royalty matter is obviously overplyed. If in the first place the culture does not inhibit such things whould there be a problem? Looks like the root cause of such things is in the system itself.

So with pointing fingers to others there is 4 pointing back towards you. So just look at what the ruling party has educated all of us all these years. Those leaders that have come and gone all have racist prejudice.... some even went to threaten the royals to follow their demands otherwise certain benefits are withdrawn.

So what etiquette exists? What online rule of thumb to follow? What the hell is the minister talking about? Regulating is not the solution~ better leaders are. So don't just say and think one has a brilliant idea. Walk the talk then we shall see.

14 August, 2009

5.5 Billion left with no will attached.

Wang Yung made a fortune in America and is estimated to be worth 5.5 billion dollars. Now this represents a problem now since he recently died at a ripe old age of 91. To all that riches there was no will left behind.

So the drama ensues with 9 half siblings fighting for their share. Honestly it is 5.5 billion for god's sake, definitely there is more than plenty to go around them a few million times. If I were the child I say just give me 20 million, half in assets and the other half in cash thank you. I'll live the rest of my years not having to work for anyone ever again.

13 August, 2009

H1N1: School Closure is last resort.

That is what has been said by the Health Minister. Unless the teachers themselves are infected then the schools need not close. On top of that teachers are to check their students for symptoms every morning. Huh?? Would that work?

Alright there is no reason to panic (yet). But the trending has been up for the past week and the death count for H1N1 is a cause of concern. I mean we can't possibly wait till it reaches 3 digit figures.

There was a question should the headmasters be given the authority to close their school if they see it necessary. I think they should. Because to wait for approval from the district education office could take a long time.

I hope it wont be too late~

12 August, 2009

Seditious blogs are in for it again.

This is not surprising. What else is there to expect from such a government that we have? Somehow bloggers get the bad rep. It is a good bet that those seditious blogs are not owned by professional bloggers, but by those who knows a tiny bit of what a blog is and are fairly computer literate then do create a blog is not hard at all.

I could bet my left nut that these are hit and run bloggers. Well, like they only blog for the sake of just causing trouble. Instigators would be more accurate to describe these buggers that gives us bloggers a bad name.

So let them be investigated. But all they can do is catch them and throw them away in a detention camp. But their ideas and words are still out there in the world wide web. So the authorities can close them blogs down but I assure you more will pop up. It's like an infectious virus.

Are you in fear that your blog contains seditious articles? Perhaps one or two is not a problem. The thing is the authorities already know which blogs to target. So if you have yet to receive the call then it is most likely you wont be charged~ for now. So just clean up your blog or restrict access to the page.

07 August, 2009

Raise wages to retain locals?

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam statement could make him a favourite amongst the low to medium income rakyat, but not to those running a company. I have to agree to some extent that Malaysian firms are neglecting their social responsibility but there are mistakes also by their employees. The culture here is very much different than lets say Singapore.

Raising wages is so easy to say than implement. First there are a lot of key areas to consider. One are the bosses happy how deep their pockets are? Two, are the bosses boss happy with his deep pockets? Three, Are the investors happy with their deep pockets. You see where I am getting at here? Suffice to say those bosses are actually never happy and can never be satisfied no matter how deep their pockets are. Then don't get me started on those who are power crazy.

Alright, perhaps there are companies out there that practices good KPI methods but again where are the priorities set in the policies? Heck I bet you that most companies do not have properly written policies and it changes according to the moods of those on top. Yet companies especially private limited ones are not governed by any specific laws. The employment act is still not complete and enforcement is very relaxed.

There was a move to have a minimum wage policy, but I guess that idea did not materialize since there was no word on it. If it is important for the country to retain local workers then we know the priority is to have that minimum wage policy. I guess that our human resources are not that important to retain.

05 August, 2009

Parents to face music for children's participation.

The recent ISA rally proved again to be something in vain. On top of that again there are those under aged who took part or facilitated in the illegal gathering. Now it has been suggested that the 44 juveniles that were detained, their parent are the ones that should face the music. If that happens then what happens to the kids?

I doubt that most of them are below comprehendable age, meaning they are too young to know what they are doing. I bet you that they do know what it is for and perhaps some of them their parents have no idea what they were up to. It is not like the kids walk up to their parent and hand in a permission letter to participate in an illegal rally right?

Unless of course that the parent knew about it and even encouraged their kids to partake in such things. Well, if that is the case the parents should be charged in court. I think sometime back when the BERSIH rally took place in KL there were juveniles involved and when the FRU started blasting their water cannons these kids were somewhat caught in the middle.

Now to these parents who know what their kids were up to and still allowed them to go, they should be in jail. Yes, why not? Responsibility towards minors are still rests on their parent's shoulders. But what about those who do not have a clue? Could there be truth that they did not know? Were these children doing things behind their back? This is what that needs to be investigated further. We dont want someone to be in jail for the wrong reasons now would we?

04 August, 2009

The Prius is in town. How green can Malaysia be?

It's that time again when reason for purchase will be for novelty rather than common sense. Well not entirely.... it will help the environment somewhat. We welcome the remarkable Toyota Prius. But Honda beat it to the punch first with thier own Hybrid earlier this year. But with these two cars available are we that environmentally conscious enough?

Honestly I am not. One I drive a petrol powered vehicle. So does my wife. Not guzzlers but still burns harmful carbons and CO2. I don't separate my garbage either. But what I do is to turn off every single power outlets in my house that are not used. Honestly I don't see why the fuss is about burning less fuel. Unless of course the prices shoot up again.

It is kind of hard I suppose for a developing country such as ours to well limit the burning of carbon and the use of other natural resources. Plus it is not like the government has been doing really well in their campaigns. So how significant is it that Malaysians would buy a hybrid? Not much unless it is as a spur of the moment thing.... but those really are genuine, the Prius might be just the fix for sleepless nights.

There is one certain way for this country to go greener. Turn off the lights~ yes those decoration of lights in the city. Turn them off~ But then the tourist would not be able to see a thing. Or tell a tree between another tree. Hmmm... but the thing that irks me somewhat is the price tag on the Prius. RM175,000 to use less Petrol? Huh? I wonder what is the ROI on that thing. Thank you Government for the stupid tax structure.

03 August, 2009

I don't want to invest in Malaysia because of street protest!!!

Uncle Sam is really ridiculous. Although no longer in office but still he comes up with the most ridiculous things to say. Now he claims that investors will shy away from Malaysia because of the street demos. Huh?? Really?

Comparitively we have only a handful of street demos as compared to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and some European nations. Yet they seem to attract investors like ants to sugar. I do agree that all this while a proper venue and outlet is lacking for protests. So the government should just allocate a spot.

We don't have riots and destroy public property unless being provoked by some henchmen of some politician hiding behind a tinted glass. Now Najib suggests to hold gathering in stadiums. In a way that is good because then our stadiums would not be underutilized but someone has to pay.

So right then ~ Sam is asking why the protest now? In case he has been living under those hair implants the issue about ISA has been argued long before Anwar was implicated by the you know who. So it was a right thing that Najib did not include this bad hair day guy in his list of ministers. Seems to be Sam is starting to loose his marbles a bit if not entirely.

For investors to come in all that is need to be done is not to entirely protect local businesses. Waive the policies that hinders fair competition and growth then we shall see local businesses pick up pace or die off since they are too weak. But of course then the politicians will die too~ since they are such a wuss and need protection all the time. Sounds like bad condoms to me.

31 July, 2009

What about the money making blogs?

It appears there are more and more money making blogs out there. How far the tips and know how is true can't be proven out right. But with such positive posts that we see very so often I can't help but the question could it be true. Well yeah all my blogs are monitized. but the purpose is so that it can sufficiently finance the domain and hosting. Thats it.

It this financial rut we live in now I guess many more are desperate to find ways to make more money. Can't blame them, survival is important. These blogs are would just revolve a few key words. Money, Make, Cash, and all that falls within the scope of making money online.

Honestly most posts do not exceed 3 paragraphs. Which I think it is just nothing more than maximizing keyword count. Naturally people would Google "Making Money" and the top blogs will be in the top ten list. So the blog is popular and many are clicking to see what is in it then find out there is practically nothing but bragging posts.

It is sickening and down right a waste of bandwidth. But yeah where is the gold there will be the golddiggers. Just like ants to sugar. So what now? Show me the money? Come on. Write something useful.

27 July, 2009

National KPI announced. Details 6 key areas for improvement.

From what is reported in NST the KPI developed is to evaluate improvements in 6 key areas in a moderate amount of time. Firstly as a rakyat I am happy that finally this is employed in the government. Second, it is crucial that all criticism and comments by the people or oragnizations are based on the details of this KPI set forth.

My concern is that let it not be only the 6 key areas in question that has concentrated efforts. Although the 6 key areas covered is pretty much what is important in pooling efforts to make this country a better place and efficient.

However at this point it has not been announced if the whitepaper for the NKPI will be released to the public to inform the rest of us how exactly the KPI is calculated. It is imperative that the formula should be made public so that the rakyat knows if the KPI is working or not.

The PM is fully aware that above all else his leadership will be judged by the people and not by his cabinet of ministers or by his peers of other countries. Thus the information to the KPI makes perfect sense to be released to the public using propper channels. Proper channels I mean not by blogs of ministers or MPs but officially trough the various government websites and portals already available.

It is also good to note that by releasing this information various parties such as public varsities can scrutinize the details and make further research for better understanding and for future planning. Key evaluation areas that are stipulated in the document can then be applied across other bodies in the public sector.

Remember, introducing KPIs is not a definite solution in improving services but it is a yardstick to base all future undertakings. One more query I would like to make is what is the definition of "moderate period"? Is it 3 years, 5 years or 10 years? In my humble opinion if it were to follow the same timespan as the NEC than it could be a case of too long and too late for remedy.

What could be done? What should be done?

That is a big difference you know. Between could and should. It is between logic and humanity. Depending on what is the situation lah. But what premeditates the idea of what could be done and what should be done? If we add greed into the equation then it gets a bit more messed up.

Now decision making is not always an easy task. Some would prefer not to make decisions as most of the time it involves not only one person. We can take the most easiest of examples and apply this theory. If lets say you are a manager and you exclusively know what are the top management's decision whereby it is likely that either your staff will suffer a pay cut or being told to resign. What would be your choice?

Realize that it is up to you the manager to decide. If you are not willing to let off your staff then your department suffers a pay cut and that includes you. If you let off a few people, the one that stays have to do extra work but get to maintain their pay check. So here lies the truth of decision making.

Like it or not it is either you do something that you could do or should do. This here where your morals as a manager is determined. No one will know but you and your superiors. As far as the bosses are concerned it is either they lower their cost or suffer from a pay cut themselves which is not really what they are too keen about.

So the morally incorrect managers will lay off subordinates. Especially those fresh graduates that are too slow to learn and those senior executives that are deemed to be inefficient. Still it cant be entirely the manager's fault now is it? If the outcome is not favourable then generally all will be in shit load of trouble anyway.

Yet, any management book will not tell you what is right or wrong to do outright. It will only tell you the options of what one could do. So it could be said that morals are not instilled in those management books unless it is binded by law or regulations. Some say it is where religion comes in. Well yeah~ I suppose so but obviously that does not come into one's mind when their boss is staring at them in the face for answers. So it would be always to save one's arse first.

I could possibly term it as the arse burning effect. Where one could have done something instead of should have done something in order to save their hairy arses from the hell borne fire of their bosses.

24 July, 2009

UiTM Shah Alam and other campus in Klang Valley closes for H1N1 threat.

I just got this trough Facebook. In the light of H1N1 the main campus in Shah Alam as well as others in the Klang Valley will begin the mid semester break earlier. Starting the 27th of July till 2 August UiTM will be closed. A formal Memo has been released as of after Friday Prayers today.

This was the message sent trough Facebook:

Kepada semua rakyat jelata UiTM Shah Alam (main campus, Puncak Perdana, Puncak Alam, Klang Lama, Selayang, Seksyen 17) yang sememangnya menantikan kehadiran cuti advance, boleh la mencari tiket pulang ke kampung, UiTM umum cuti midsem diawalkan 27 Julai - 2 Ogos 2009, gara-gara ancaman H1N1. Pekeliling akan diedarkan seketika waktu lagi. Pengumuman akan turut dibuat semasa solat Jumaat nanti. tQ.

Thanks Andi.

Yasmin oh dear Yasmin.

Well perhaps to most Yasmin is known for Sepet. I for one however find that she is more than a director. The news today about her collapse due to stroke made my heart skip a beat.

Anyway, Kak Yasmin for the person I know from the set of "Here In My Home" is seriously a live representation of all her movies and ads combined. Perhaps more.... just a day with her will make one realize how extraordinary she makes the ordinary.

Get well soon Kak Yasmin. I'll pray for you.

Times of great demand.

Very well we understand the economic rut we are in. Many have been laid off and I suspect many more to follow trough-out the next year too. But there are also people who obtained new jobs. Although not exactly what they want but it is better than no job at all.

Somewhere I read that undergraduates will find more job placements in the current economy. To a certain extent I believe that. But to which is always to the benefit of the companies that employ them. Why do I say so? It is simple really.... experienced workers are expensive and these bunch of people know what to demand for. It hurts a company's bottom line because the cost is high. What they need are just robots and minimal amount of experience.

So every couple of years what these private companies do is flush their man-power in keeping only key positions whom has the experience and expertise in managing minions. They kick out those that are not assets and aptly call them collateral damage. Sad but very true. In return they begin recruiting once more for fresh graduates to turn them to simple and inexpensive labour.

So yes times a re good for fresh graduates but many are not coached to be leaders. Simply because these current managers want to keep their jobs and ensure a predictable environment to manage. But I would call these bunch selfish and passive managers. They know their job and they do it but they don't teach and guide their subordinates to be more skillful employees.

Everyone wants to keep and grow their rice bowl. Very predictable, naive and selfish. So what about those who are relived from their jobs? Well they will be bitter of course and will built to understand that they are not to work for anyone anymore. Some will open some sort of business. While others with the lack of resources would just jump in line in the job market again.

Those who do built their own businesses are good contributors to the economy and add width to the cramp job market. So bless these souls for trying, but as many that are opened there are of equal numbers that go belly up. So this cycle goes on and on. To which there can be no end. But what is important to everyone is to persevere.

Yeah right, easier said than done. Not everyone works for the money all the time. I say only 70% of it is about the money, the rest is of other sort of satisfaction. But even this 70% is not definite. Sometimes one can be offered 20% increment just to stay on in the company but yet they choose to leave. The question here is why?

This one is not so simple. Put the dollar signs aside and dig deeper into the job scope. There are many forms of bullshit that one have to put up with. There is the office politics, that demanding and inconsiderate boss, or the lack of recognition for what one does to improve a department or company as a whole.

Honestly not many people gives a fuck of what others do these days. You do your work and I'll do mine and that is that. Of course it is more complex than it seems as detailed in many periodic publications with gaudy titles like "Keep the Bitch Boss Happy","The 7 Evil types of office mates", and my favourite "How to Keep Your Job and get a raise". Duh~ like try sucking his dick or her clit!

Well, it defines that these are the times of great demands. Of course it will never end and it will keep on rolling with more and more bitches and bastards annoying you every step of the way. Just bare in mind that at an earlier point they were once like you too~ slowly these very morons mutated into the monsters that they are now. Oblivious to others and devoid of compassion with the single mindedness of exterminating even an ant that is stealing their breadcrumbs off their desk. What to do? I feel sorry for the fresh graduates. They have no clue what they might become.

18 July, 2009

Must everything have a candle light vigil?

The death of a political aide, some politicians calling for a Royal Commission of Investigation and a very certain candle light vigil. Now this is the pattern of the opposition. In whatever the issue may be when one thing is suggested the rest will follow suit. It is like a package. If you ask me it is all bollocks.

I offer my condolences to the family of the departed and the lovely bride (now no more) and mother to be. But as usual everyone is taking cheap shots to thwart their enemies at every single opportunity. Why must there be a candle light vigil when someone gets thrown into the ISA, died, or held for questioning by the authorities? Isn't it such a waste of time?

Their emotions supersedes their gumption and most naturally would cause trouble of some sort. Most of the time more arrests and disruption of public peace. These people should act like the adults they are. You want to have a mass gathering holding candles for what purpose? Has it helped in any way? It is just stupid sympathy and the public would not really be paying that much of attention. Grow up and put the candles away, save it for your blackouts instead.

16 July, 2009

BN wins in Manik Urai. Morale booster ka?

True~ BN won. But the losers are sore and calling that the win was because of money politics. Put it simply they cant believe that they lost by a slim margin. Hmmm.... even if they lost by 2000 votes also they will cry foul anyway. So what else is new? But for BN winning in Manik Urai is a big thing. They have boasting rights for the next month or so and the BN camp can go on doing whatever it is they do feeling good.

But it does not change anything really. So PAS should just concentrate on keeping what they have and try to fit into PKR's plans. I seriously think this PKR thing is not really working well for all sides. That fuss in Kedah proves a point.

So it is back to business as usual and it is just a by election.

(Note: NO! BN did not win...this is written just to imagine IF BN won. Good try BN, but try harder.)

15 July, 2009

100 Days of Najib.

Critical thinkers will never think alike. By right they never should. It is perspective that holds the bigger picture but the argument is that the details are important as well. The plan is always perfect but execution is the failure. Well, I could sense that many were critical on Najib's first 100 days in office. However I do suspect it was not as critical as how many pressed their noses in on Tun Pak Lah on his first 100 days.

Critiques will be just critiques (me included). But I somehow do feel that Najib has a better grasp of things than his senior. It is either that or the way how the public is deviated from the main issues was cunningly done. What I do think is right is that the PM should be rated by the people as well as the corporate world. I mean it is only fair to do so and Najib can keep his KPI up as much as he is particular about the KPI of the public services.

I heard a host cum producer of a talk show being assigned a desk job since the audience of her show rated Najib a "D". Was it really necessary? I mean a talk show is just a talk show. It was the audience which voted not the producer. So what is really 100 days in office, did it make a difference? Somehow it does.

What this means is that Najib won't be a passing phase. The ruling party has lost ground because Tun M gave Tun Pak Lah a shot at running the country which I seriously do feel that it should be Najib all the while. Still Najib is not perfect and from my past posts I have mentioned that I hope Najib won't be PM. But it is substantially better now than when Pak Lah was PM.

So, Najib has pretty much got the basics covered in the sense that the people can see a silver lining in the clouds. Provided there are looking at the right cloud. Could Najib last another 500 days and improve his ratings? Could BN slip down a notch while Najib holds office? Enough tiny discounts and freebies. Now everyone has to work.... since there wont be anymore easy money after the 2nd stimulus package is used up. Now pray that the government wont change hands in the next elections. Because what this government now has promised can only be rewarded if they win in the next one.

10 July, 2009

Of course blame the execution, not the policy.

This matter that concerns English is pointed with the wrong finger. Education of Math and Science in English was first of all not planned properly in terms of resource. Now we have the PM saying that only a tiny number of teachers teaching Math and Science are comfortable teaching in English. Now... this is not the case that the students are having a hard time coping but it is the fact that teachers have a tough time coping.

Here I would like to raise the question on what is actually the content of teacher's training? If the training had a complete and comprehensive syllabus there would not be a problem where teachers are not comfortable teaching in English. We cannot blame the quality of students without first peeling the causes on the teacher's account.

Why is that teachers in the old days can converse very well in English? The current crop of teachers too can't be blamed. It is the execution of the education policy and the various programs that are not given much thought. The KPIs are not followed and a blind eye is given in regards of being lenient which now directly translates to the cause of the teachers themselves are not properly capable.

Having more hours for the English subject in school is not enough. Establishing an English Club for extra curricular activities cant do much because participation is not compulsory. Fine teach Math and Science in whatever mother tongue. Why not substitute it for History or Geography? What about Accounts and Economy? Moral Studies and Islamic Studies? Why not consider this?

Believe me the only way to master a language is to speak, read and write it as often as possible. Not relegate it into it's own subject of study. I bet you this, I can throw a coin randomly in a crowd of undergraduates and 9 out of 10 of them can't tell the difference what is past tense and present tense let alone speak good English. Honestly I worry with great disgust on the probability that my children and grandchildren will go to public schools and not being able to master the English language. Just to safe-guard the family and their future I might just resort to teaching them English myself.