31 January, 2009

UMNO cowards, says no to SPRM investigation.

With glee I read the article in Malaysiakini and much disgust to know that they are indeed cornered and still want to wiggle their way out of it. Politicians and their drama again. But it is true that it is not only UMNO that practices money politics. I mean which idiot might have thought of that?

But figure this~ the higher ranking UMNO morons holds various positions in the government at all levels. So under what pretext that SPRM has no jurisdiction to interrogate and investigate money politics in UMNO? What good is it when even UMNO's dumb discipline council is corrupted anyway?

Now this is my two cents on this issue. UMNO gets really uncomfortable when the law starts to sniff something fishy going on. They have this idea since they make up the majority of the BN coalition and hold majority of government posts and other interests either in terms of power or money they should have immunity on the law snooping around for shit UMNO leaves around.

SPRM is not formed under the club or society act and is perhaps the most appropriate agency to look into money politics as it is related closely to public service. So unless UMNO suddenly registers itself as a corporation or company than for all the chances on earth they should look into UMNO's persistent cock sucking with Malaysian Ringgit. That is from top to bottom, left to right and inside out. When done move over to other political parties as well.

30 January, 2009

Guantanamo Bay

As Barack Obama come into power he sanctioned the closure of Guantanamo Bay by end of 2009, it is perhaps one cause for celebration. Similar to Malaysia's ISA Kamunting Detension Camp in Perak which in my opinion should be closed down too as it serves only those held under the Draconian law. Could the incoming PM Najib consider the closure? Not by a long shot.

Anyhow this is a link on YouTube of the infamous Guantanamo Bay produced by ABC Australia.

Click here to watch the exclusive.

Cut the stems of money politics.

Are the wings of UMNO very important? Wouldn't it just be simpler if there is only one UMNO and all members falls in it? There is a need for all these idiotic wings because UMNO is inefficient. There is Wanita UMNO, there is Pemuda UMNO, there is Puteri and even Putera UMNO!

From what I can understand is that it is a recruitment arm to rally more mindless soldiers for those buggers at the top to play around with. Since politics is supposedly limited to those aged 21 and above (since the legal age to vote is 21) all these political parties seem to want to squeeze as much as possible.

It is now the end of January and UMNO party polls is in March. Pak Lah is leaving and everybody can't wait to snap up whatever they can get their hands on. The exit of Pak Lah should also be a clear sign of those the same generation as him to start withdrawing from active politics and let younger minds takeover.

So far what exactly all these other wings have really done? Most of the time is to question what their seniors are doing and frolicking by the side of the seniors to win their hearts and become those shouting clowns at by elections. How convincing of them using the younger generations to coax the public for votes. Perhaps sex sells.

Merging all wings under one party banner would be a very sound idea. Wanita UMNO can actually be a force to reckon with if they are absorbed within the ranks. It might also be just the antidote for the ever needed re-branding. But who would listen? They seems to stick to "if it is not broken why fix it?" meantality. Which will not give improve the political climate for the country.

29 January, 2009

Are Malaysian's effected with the new world order?

Let me ask my dear reader a question. How far are we actually leading our lives consciously aware that we are indeed trapped in the plan for a new world order. From all that we do and get involved in, it has always been manipulated and to make us believe that things are the way it honestly is. Well, truth be told is that nothing is ever what it seems to be.

I have for a few years now been following and studying certain cult elements that exists today and how it mingles easily with our politics, economy and religion so seamlessly that no one could really notice the obvious. The truth is it is not really hidden at all and hiding something in plain sight makes it even more logical as no one would suspect that it pose as a threat.

Not many who know exactly what these cults and secrets stand for but the we are indeed living a manufactured life as how they have planned it. If by any chance any of you know exactly what I am referring to you might have just guessed it from the first paragraph. To those who don't I might as well say it aloud "Free Mason" or "Illuminati" or whatever else you may recognize it in it's so many forms.

I have just skimmed trough the surface as to what this cult is bent on doing and I do see some resemblance to what we all seem to give a miss. But the similarities are astounding. We take what is common to Malaysia and see what matches to Masonry. We have Rotary and Lions, in schools we have Interact and Leo clubs, in the mid level we have Rotaract. These are just a pinch of the whole barrel of salt.

Look at how certain logos we see adorning schools and places of higher learning. UKM has a compass, UiTM has crossed "Keris" and a book stand that resembles the compass and ruler of the Masonic symbol. Perhaps these are coincidences. But perhaps these are not. If lets say these symbols hold no relation at all to cults of the New World Order this country is at least members of this secret international organization.

Good example is the UN and the union of the Commonwealth Nations and the United Kingdom is heavily associated to the Free Masons. Proof can be seen in various short videos available all over the internet. It's war against Islam and why the eye of Ra is so significant. For Muslims a one eyed being is only referred to the presence of Dajjal in which bring chaos and confusion.

Malaysia as who is a member of many of these so called international organization is not sparred from the injustice. We are sitting on a fence and not able to defend our Muslim brothers. Our army is set to serve under UN but are not allowed to be dispatched to other Islamic States in crisis.

We can't boycott American and Isreali products because local business have interests in the investments. Thus not allowing us to be independent and stick to a majority vote to accept what is happening to our friends. The influence of the West is so strong that everything we do is related to them. Our food, entertainment, source of income and way of living have been westernized to a point that we no longer can differentiate what is eastern culture and what is fed from the west. When will we be able to stand up against these capitalists? When can we fight back against this worldly greed. When shall we see the West fall to the hands that was once dominated the world with peace and prosperity?

28 January, 2009

Personal to Politics or Politics to Personal?

Perak UMNO is in a hopping mood. With Bota man Nasarudin Hashim sailing with PKR on his mast now. Some Nazri said it was a personal issue that turned political. But I have a dumb question, isn't politics always personal? Perhaps the time has come to remind ourselves that Anwar once said he has the numbers or the current climate is simply working to his favour. What ever it is, BN is weakening in Perak.

As swift as the hop went so too are a few head rolling already. Najib taking the reigns in UMNO Perak might not improve things at all since the bad confidence is not caused from the grassroots but from the upper hands. Frustrations upon frustrations could not possibly pacified with money all the time. Some leaders want to contest for posts so let them be. What exactly is personal and what exactly is politics?

I'll throw this question to all politicians in general. The will to serve is not fed just by nothing. It has to be motivated by something and that something is always personal. UMNO members should remember.... loyalty to party is not like loyalty to the country or the king. You have a choice...and you may change that anytime you see fit or it gives no benefit to you anymore. Unlike a country or a king, we seldom have a choice to choose from.

When people become politicians.... politics is personal since they give away their personal life to join politics. Dirty is as dirty does.

23 January, 2009

Dying in police custody. Police are the main suspects.

This is the second such incident occurred. Perhaps there might have been other cases but maybe it was covered up very well. Being in police custody might not be safe anymore. May it be for suspected criminals or witnesses the police top priority is to protect whoever that is in their custody.

A. Kugan was a casualty that is truly the cause of neglect. Regardless if the police did interrogate the man and beat him up but the form of beating should not have led to more than bruises. As from the pictures that is currently circulating through email, it paints a doubtful picture if the interrogation was carried out according to procedures.

Have I seen the images? Yes I have, and it paints a very violent picture as to what might have happened before Kugan collapsed at died. To roughly describe it there were open wounds, all over his body especially on the back, wrist and if I am not mistaken what looks to be some at the back of his neck.

The family should have all the right to be mad. Very mad in fact since Kugan was in for questioning on car theft cases and not some other violent crime. The big question is would the police themselves see to it that one of their own will be brought to justice? Would they be transparent and be truthful in serving justice or sweep everything under the rug hoping for everyone to forget?

The family of Kugan wont forget. His mother definitely would never forget. Police brutality is not new in this country. We have seen acts like Anwar's black eye, police intimidating and using force to disperse peaceful rallies and the apprehension of opposition politicians. All the images caught on tape sends a message to the people. We no longer can trust the police. We can no longer feel safe and the big question is who is the bigger criminal?

22 January, 2009

It is obvious that science and mathematics is better understood in English.

GMP should realize that their quest for Scince and Math NOT to be taught in English is a serious oversight for intellectual advancement for this nation's human resources. It is already a statistic that for the recent PMR a majority of the candidates opted to answer the English version of their respective Science and Math question papers. What more reason do they need?

A rally against knowledge is the correct term to use here. Bahasa Malaysia Scholars and literature experts are indeed sentimental about the language. But they have indeed more important things to do. What about the bastardization of the language? It is everywhere now that Bahasa Malaysia used in a conversation and in writing have dropped in quality.

Let us take the enforcement of spelling. How many was do you know on how to spell the word "Telefon". I have seen "Talipon","Talefon" and "Telefon" used in publications. Where is that effort for uniformity? Why make noise and go to the streets and fight for Science being taught in English when they cant bloody decide how to use their language and enforce it generally.

Why is that books in BM have only a small section in every bookstore? Why is that there are publications like "Mangga", "URTV" and "Gempak" that bastardize the national language. Why action have not been taken to curb the spread on the bad use of Bahasa Malaysia? Why not even take to the street on that moot cause alone?

The terms in the science field is of Latin origin. Could there be a possibility that Bahasa Malaysia can capture the exact diction and pronunciation in spelling? What is the more worrying thought is that our children will be laughed at by the rest of the world as being experts in science and math who can't even pronounce the terms correctly.

Look on the other side of it please. The fight has a cause but it is not justified by what has been done so far. Bahasa Malaysia is a very young language and has not been fully developed and excercised. Focus on that first then go all out to the galaxy enforce rules on grammar and structure before demanding Science or Math to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia.

20 January, 2009

UMNO lama, UMNO baru yang lama, UMNO rebranding.

The UMNO lama and UMNO baru thing happened in the 80's. Now the UMNO baru already has become the new UMNO lama. Confused? Well the progress of things is always something gets old and it's time to get something new in it's place.

I am imagining the UMNO now as something like an old generic PC which was assembled by some geeky student working part-time in Low Yatt. After numerous upgrades for the past 10 years now there seems to be a problem. When people are into PCI-E they are still using serial ports~ thus the old chassis cannot handle the new technologies thus requiring some DIY mods which is very unstable and voids manufacturer's warranty.

These new "technologies" like Hishammuddin, Zahid Hamidi and Khairy are aggressive, faster and have more modern ideas which are still stuck with EDO RAM when they should be working with DDR. UMNO loosing ground and it shows when BN candidate in Kuala Terengganu looses with over 2000 votes majority. It hurts but somehow the old hardware refuses to budge.

We have half past six tech in the brew~ Muhammad Taib is akin to firewire which lost the wow factor when USB 2.0 was released. Now with USB 3.0 over the horizon firewire Taib should see the last glimmer of sunset. For one or two things, the most important thing is to make BN and UMNO fully compliant to todays standards.

Collect all these old politicians and see how they fare with computers. Cyberspace presence is obviously lacking. The pace that the world runs at today will burn all their candles out when their juniors are flashing neons and LEDs.

UMNO needs a re branding exercise. It needs more than a refurbishment. It needs more than just an upgrade. It needs a whole new OS for god's sake. But would the OS 3.1 make way for OS 7? They can't afford to wait. Their market share is dwindling.

19 January, 2009

Najib suffers 1st blow before he becomes PM.

The dust settles of Kuala Terangganu. The outcome was could not have been predicted but at the halfway point PKR unofficially snatched the lead and the sentiment went positively went their way right till the eleventh hour. When the official figures was announced BN confirmed it's loss and traveled home a wounded chicken.

How could have this been avoided? Well it should start when the time Pak Lah took office after taking over from Tun M. But it could not possibly only his fault. His whole team compromised a lot of things. Loosing public confidence is the point of no return. No matter now, PKR has one more seat and one step closer with not even 12 months after elections.

What should this mean to Najib who is set to be the next in line to steer the country? Could he pick up and build from where Pak Lah fell from? It is already a bitter fact that the people do not approve of what Pak Lah has done while he is in office. Proven too that certain things got out of hand and the wounds has made BN limping for ground provided it still has limbs to do that.

Now Najib has to clean up the mess that Pak Lah did. Come to think of it he has to clean up his mess too~ May be it shady military procurements or to the extent of murder. How to clean is subjective just as long he does it. But how could he possibly gain confidence from the people that he is not the animal Pak Lah became? For obvious reasons he can't live in the shadows of his late father. He has to make his own history now.

The legacy is there.... but it would take more than that for the people to trust BN all over again. Loosing in Kuala Terangganu means that Pak Lah indeed has failed. Not once but 3 times in a row. The odds are stacked against BN, Najib has to get everyone to looks BN's way again. But first and foremost he should come clean and be transparent. So far his actions does not translate to confidence among the people. So far everyone is still waiting.... and keeping the people waiting in such a situation is not a good thing.

17 January, 2009

Now the whole world knows that Malays are stupid!

Thanks to a certain student leader in UiTM for explaining a sculpture just outside the chancellory of the main campus in Shah Alam for such an idiotic insight of what that piece of metal is. 

By the way~ the Jawi letter Mim is not at all equivalent to the letter M. Entah cikgu mana yang ajar dia.

Go ahead and keep UiTM for your selves.... with a student leader with terrible English it reflects what UiTM really is.

Times of depression requires innovative ideas.

Who could have thought that real estate for rent could cost 99 sen? After reading about it in the Star (of course it had it's terms and conditions) I find it a very innovative idea. Well of course the feasibility in terms of ROI would be almost nil but whatever it is it brought back interest in the property again.

Remember a banker in India that started a soft loan program to help really dirt poor people? It worked pretty darn well and if I am not mistaken he got some award for it...Nobel Prize if I am not mistaken. Things like these is what drives a nation to be more practical and down to earth. Not everything revolves around money and money can't solve all your problems.

The thing about having assets is that we tend to over rate it and hence it will always be overpriced. Plus the ego simply kills it by not willing to budge to a lower price. Capitalist minds works sometimes... not all the time. We should see that ROI is not a short term thing. Overtime assets will depreciate or inflate depending on the demand for it but we also have to be a good judge to be our own worst critique so as not to hard sell what we have. It is not the price of the thing it self but more to the price of ego that sky rockets everything to the mooon.

16 January, 2009

America funds serial terrorist.

Funny when the asshole Bush claims war on Terrorist and yet America backs Israel. Thus the most dangerous terrorist is the one that claims war on terror. The terror is them... their mercenary is Israel and both should be wiped out of this earth. Would Barack Obama have a different stance on this and keep to his promises? By that time Palestine might be just another page in history.

14 January, 2009

Benz and Lexus? Plus some Toyota in between.

Must be a battle of who gets the best car. Or perhaps the effort to get a chance to use one FOC. Could it do away with the publicity and pointing finger as to who is worse than who? Perhaps never.

This is what would happen when a politician realizes that he has made a bad decision and blown a huge sum of the people's money. They start to dig on the dead rats under other politician's queen sized bed. To which a certain extent they have succeeded. But could there possibly be a mind somewhere amongst these bunch of power hungry leeches that their tiny heart (if they have any) tells them that perhaps a luxury sedan is not necessary and they could very well discharge their duties to the rakyat as effective as using much more modest vehicles?

Perhaps that would be asking them to violate the law of being leeches. Still do not forget that with a pinch of salt leeches will squirm and dry up to a tiny speck. Plus leeches don't really have any brains. Add to that it does not have a heart either. Funny how some has preferences for Japanese and German marques.

11 January, 2009

Yank the Israelis.

For all that Arab countries is good for and what some moron relates Muslims to terrorism Isreal should be the most obvious terrorist. True that Israelis are one of the most intelligent race to mankind but they are also the most barbaric. If they are indeed intelligent, it seems they have forgotten about the heart.

For a piece of land and god knows what else they are blowing billions of dollars to dust. So now many suggest to boycott Isreali products but the fact is it it is them Jews that have the control of world economy. That bloody ATM machine that you use was designed by them.

What the UN doing is pathetic. For Muslim nations not being active in protecting Palestine they are possibly cowards or do don't really care as long as they have the interest protected. Dont bother about USA. THey love to see people suffering and at war.

It is intolerable and in humane. Kill them all those Jews. Kill them bloody all.

Spend Spend Spend!!!

The treasury gave the go ahead for government departments to spend using the people's money. Reason being that world petrol prices have gone down and we are made to believe that the expenditure on petroleum subsidies have been off set.

Now that halted renovations projects, upgrades and procurement can proceed. Same goes to government functions. Hotels could possibly see a spike in revenue. But my question is how tight will these spending be monitored and it is for certain that tenders will be awarded fairly based on merit rather than recommendations or favouratism.

The rest of the world is cutting down on expenditure to streamline their accounts but this country we call Malaysia seems to be ignoring that fact. I am concerned that when world demand is low certain things might be priced higher for some not so obvious reasons.

Could this also mean that government departments will be recruiting more human resource considering projects of renovations and moving into new offices would certainly mean increased floor space. It would be interesting to see where this money is spent and would it improve services and increase the moral of civil servants.

06 January, 2009

Protect Islam and Muslims should be priority for OIC.

Pressing times and a brand new year. The last thing that should be in any nation's minds is to start a war. But Israel and Palestine never really ended the war. OIC for first and foremost is not suppose to lay idle and see a fellow Muslim nation be crushed by inhumane Israelis.

The United Nations should have never been trusted to ensure peace the world over especially with the likes of America who are allies with Israel are simply making the world a cowboy kind of place. Civilizations are meant to be built not destroyed by barbarians.

OIC and Malaysia especially should take a retaliative stand and form a peacekeeping corp just like the UN but to only serve Muslim Nations. The appalling thing is OIC is mostly participated by oil rich nations and all they seem to focus on is their black gold resources and how they can trade it better.

For one I would seriously think and suggest that all OIC members should place an embargo on Israel and it's allies. Even if it means not exporting Oil to the US of bloody ASSES. The killing of innocent civilians is not an act of war and just. It is butchering and blasphemy. God did not intend the world this way and the injustice has to be put to an end.

Is OIC cowards? Scared of loosing business and trade partners? Could there be an ulterior motive as to why this war has been going on for ages? No matter what are the true motives, it is a joke what OIC is doing to so call care for Muslim Nations.