29 January, 2009

Are Malaysian's effected with the new world order?

Let me ask my dear reader a question. How far are we actually leading our lives consciously aware that we are indeed trapped in the plan for a new world order. From all that we do and get involved in, it has always been manipulated and to make us believe that things are the way it honestly is. Well, truth be told is that nothing is ever what it seems to be.

I have for a few years now been following and studying certain cult elements that exists today and how it mingles easily with our politics, economy and religion so seamlessly that no one could really notice the obvious. The truth is it is not really hidden at all and hiding something in plain sight makes it even more logical as no one would suspect that it pose as a threat.

Not many who know exactly what these cults and secrets stand for but the we are indeed living a manufactured life as how they have planned it. If by any chance any of you know exactly what I am referring to you might have just guessed it from the first paragraph. To those who don't I might as well say it aloud "Free Mason" or "Illuminati" or whatever else you may recognize it in it's so many forms.

I have just skimmed trough the surface as to what this cult is bent on doing and I do see some resemblance to what we all seem to give a miss. But the similarities are astounding. We take what is common to Malaysia and see what matches to Masonry. We have Rotary and Lions, in schools we have Interact and Leo clubs, in the mid level we have Rotaract. These are just a pinch of the whole barrel of salt.

Look at how certain logos we see adorning schools and places of higher learning. UKM has a compass, UiTM has crossed "Keris" and a book stand that resembles the compass and ruler of the Masonic symbol. Perhaps these are coincidences. But perhaps these are not. If lets say these symbols hold no relation at all to cults of the New World Order this country is at least members of this secret international organization.

Good example is the UN and the union of the Commonwealth Nations and the United Kingdom is heavily associated to the Free Masons. Proof can be seen in various short videos available all over the internet. It's war against Islam and why the eye of Ra is so significant. For Muslims a one eyed being is only referred to the presence of Dajjal in which bring chaos and confusion.

Malaysia as who is a member of many of these so called international organization is not sparred from the injustice. We are sitting on a fence and not able to defend our Muslim brothers. Our army is set to serve under UN but are not allowed to be dispatched to other Islamic States in crisis.

We can't boycott American and Isreali products because local business have interests in the investments. Thus not allowing us to be independent and stick to a majority vote to accept what is happening to our friends. The influence of the West is so strong that everything we do is related to them. Our food, entertainment, source of income and way of living have been westernized to a point that we no longer can differentiate what is eastern culture and what is fed from the west. When will we be able to stand up against these capitalists? When can we fight back against this worldly greed. When shall we see the West fall to the hands that was once dominated the world with peace and prosperity?

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