14 January, 2009

Benz and Lexus? Plus some Toyota in between.

Must be a battle of who gets the best car. Or perhaps the effort to get a chance to use one FOC. Could it do away with the publicity and pointing finger as to who is worse than who? Perhaps never.

This is what would happen when a politician realizes that he has made a bad decision and blown a huge sum of the people's money. They start to dig on the dead rats under other politician's queen sized bed. To which a certain extent they have succeeded. But could there possibly be a mind somewhere amongst these bunch of power hungry leeches that their tiny heart (if they have any) tells them that perhaps a luxury sedan is not necessary and they could very well discharge their duties to the rakyat as effective as using much more modest vehicles?

Perhaps that would be asking them to violate the law of being leeches. Still do not forget that with a pinch of salt leeches will squirm and dry up to a tiny speck. Plus leeches don't really have any brains. Add to that it does not have a heart either. Funny how some has preferences for Japanese and German marques.

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