30 January, 2009

Cut the stems of money politics.

Are the wings of UMNO very important? Wouldn't it just be simpler if there is only one UMNO and all members falls in it? There is a need for all these idiotic wings because UMNO is inefficient. There is Wanita UMNO, there is Pemuda UMNO, there is Puteri and even Putera UMNO!

From what I can understand is that it is a recruitment arm to rally more mindless soldiers for those buggers at the top to play around with. Since politics is supposedly limited to those aged 21 and above (since the legal age to vote is 21) all these political parties seem to want to squeeze as much as possible.

It is now the end of January and UMNO party polls is in March. Pak Lah is leaving and everybody can't wait to snap up whatever they can get their hands on. The exit of Pak Lah should also be a clear sign of those the same generation as him to start withdrawing from active politics and let younger minds takeover.

So far what exactly all these other wings have really done? Most of the time is to question what their seniors are doing and frolicking by the side of the seniors to win their hearts and become those shouting clowns at by elections. How convincing of them using the younger generations to coax the public for votes. Perhaps sex sells.

Merging all wings under one party banner would be a very sound idea. Wanita UMNO can actually be a force to reckon with if they are absorbed within the ranks. It might also be just the antidote for the ever needed re-branding. But who would listen? They seems to stick to "if it is not broken why fix it?" meantality. Which will not give improve the political climate for the country.

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