23 January, 2009

Dying in police custody. Police are the main suspects.

This is the second such incident occurred. Perhaps there might have been other cases but maybe it was covered up very well. Being in police custody might not be safe anymore. May it be for suspected criminals or witnesses the police top priority is to protect whoever that is in their custody.

A. Kugan was a casualty that is truly the cause of neglect. Regardless if the police did interrogate the man and beat him up but the form of beating should not have led to more than bruises. As from the pictures that is currently circulating through email, it paints a doubtful picture if the interrogation was carried out according to procedures.

Have I seen the images? Yes I have, and it paints a very violent picture as to what might have happened before Kugan collapsed at died. To roughly describe it there were open wounds, all over his body especially on the back, wrist and if I am not mistaken what looks to be some at the back of his neck.

The family should have all the right to be mad. Very mad in fact since Kugan was in for questioning on car theft cases and not some other violent crime. The big question is would the police themselves see to it that one of their own will be brought to justice? Would they be transparent and be truthful in serving justice or sweep everything under the rug hoping for everyone to forget?

The family of Kugan wont forget. His mother definitely would never forget. Police brutality is not new in this country. We have seen acts like Anwar's black eye, police intimidating and using force to disperse peaceful rallies and the apprehension of opposition politicians. All the images caught on tape sends a message to the people. We no longer can trust the police. We can no longer feel safe and the big question is who is the bigger criminal?

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Gallivanter said...

That is indeed a shocker!