22 January, 2009

It is obvious that science and mathematics is better understood in English.

GMP should realize that their quest for Scince and Math NOT to be taught in English is a serious oversight for intellectual advancement for this nation's human resources. It is already a statistic that for the recent PMR a majority of the candidates opted to answer the English version of their respective Science and Math question papers. What more reason do they need?

A rally against knowledge is the correct term to use here. Bahasa Malaysia Scholars and literature experts are indeed sentimental about the language. But they have indeed more important things to do. What about the bastardization of the language? It is everywhere now that Bahasa Malaysia used in a conversation and in writing have dropped in quality.

Let us take the enforcement of spelling. How many was do you know on how to spell the word "Telefon". I have seen "Talipon","Talefon" and "Telefon" used in publications. Where is that effort for uniformity? Why make noise and go to the streets and fight for Science being taught in English when they cant bloody decide how to use their language and enforce it generally.

Why is that books in BM have only a small section in every bookstore? Why is that there are publications like "Mangga", "URTV" and "Gempak" that bastardize the national language. Why action have not been taken to curb the spread on the bad use of Bahasa Malaysia? Why not even take to the street on that moot cause alone?

The terms in the science field is of Latin origin. Could there be a possibility that Bahasa Malaysia can capture the exact diction and pronunciation in spelling? What is the more worrying thought is that our children will be laughed at by the rest of the world as being experts in science and math who can't even pronounce the terms correctly.

Look on the other side of it please. The fight has a cause but it is not justified by what has been done so far. Bahasa Malaysia is a very young language and has not been fully developed and excercised. Focus on that first then go all out to the galaxy enforce rules on grammar and structure before demanding Science or Math to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia.


azure20002 said...

No, I strongly disagree with you. The reason you have given is NOT justification for retaining English into Science and Mathematics. The Japanese do not learn Science and Maths in English but why are they successful? I doubt the Chinese in China or the South Koreans do so in English either. Why must a technical subject be taught in English just because English is the lingua franca of the day? Arabic was the de facto standard for technical subjects some 500 years ago, should we start teaching major subjects in Arabic as well?

Such short-sightedness will have a negative impact on the status of Bahasa Melayu as the national language and will cause future generations to simply not use BM altogether. Is this how you want things to play out?

Rauff said...

Yes certainly~ as compared to Mandarin, Arabic....Bahasa Malaysia is not practiced by billions.

As I said, being sentimental for BM is also irrational.