19 January, 2009

Najib suffers 1st blow before he becomes PM.

The dust settles of Kuala Terangganu. The outcome was could not have been predicted but at the halfway point PKR unofficially snatched the lead and the sentiment went positively went their way right till the eleventh hour. When the official figures was announced BN confirmed it's loss and traveled home a wounded chicken.

How could have this been avoided? Well it should start when the time Pak Lah took office after taking over from Tun M. But it could not possibly only his fault. His whole team compromised a lot of things. Loosing public confidence is the point of no return. No matter now, PKR has one more seat and one step closer with not even 12 months after elections.

What should this mean to Najib who is set to be the next in line to steer the country? Could he pick up and build from where Pak Lah fell from? It is already a bitter fact that the people do not approve of what Pak Lah has done while he is in office. Proven too that certain things got out of hand and the wounds has made BN limping for ground provided it still has limbs to do that.

Now Najib has to clean up the mess that Pak Lah did. Come to think of it he has to clean up his mess too~ May be it shady military procurements or to the extent of murder. How to clean is subjective just as long he does it. But how could he possibly gain confidence from the people that he is not the animal Pak Lah became? For obvious reasons he can't live in the shadows of his late father. He has to make his own history now.

The legacy is there.... but it would take more than that for the people to trust BN all over again. Loosing in Kuala Terangganu means that Pak Lah indeed has failed. Not once but 3 times in a row. The odds are stacked against BN, Najib has to get everyone to looks BN's way again. But first and foremost he should come clean and be transparent. So far his actions does not translate to confidence among the people. So far everyone is still waiting.... and keeping the people waiting in such a situation is not a good thing.

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