17 January, 2009

Now the whole world knows that Malays are stupid!

Thanks to a certain student leader in UiTM for explaining a sculpture just outside the chancellory of the main campus in Shah Alam for such an idiotic insight of what that piece of metal is. 

By the way~ the Jawi letter Mim is not at all equivalent to the letter M. Entah cikgu mana yang ajar dia.

Go ahead and keep UiTM for your selves.... with a student leader with terrible English it reflects what UiTM really is.


Trashed said...

Having just seen the inaugration of Barack Obama and understanding the significance of his journey, I wonder if this UiTM student sees any comparison between what he voiced out in the video and the cry of equality for all.

I guess not.

kAi said...

I am a UiTM student and I am proud to be one. But I feel terribly embarrassed to have this kind of leader - a selfish leader who speak for the administrators; followed what the administrators wanted and not what the students demanded for, and a broken English? Albeit that all courses are taught in English..!

Hello Mr. Leader, may I know which faculty are your from?