28 January, 2009

Personal to Politics or Politics to Personal?

Perak UMNO is in a hopping mood. With Bota man Nasarudin Hashim sailing with PKR on his mast now. Some Nazri said it was a personal issue that turned political. But I have a dumb question, isn't politics always personal? Perhaps the time has come to remind ourselves that Anwar once said he has the numbers or the current climate is simply working to his favour. What ever it is, BN is weakening in Perak.

As swift as the hop went so too are a few head rolling already. Najib taking the reigns in UMNO Perak might not improve things at all since the bad confidence is not caused from the grassroots but from the upper hands. Frustrations upon frustrations could not possibly pacified with money all the time. Some leaders want to contest for posts so let them be. What exactly is personal and what exactly is politics?

I'll throw this question to all politicians in general. The will to serve is not fed just by nothing. It has to be motivated by something and that something is always personal. UMNO members should remember.... loyalty to party is not like loyalty to the country or the king. You have a choice...and you may change that anytime you see fit or it gives no benefit to you anymore. Unlike a country or a king, we seldom have a choice to choose from.

When people become politicians.... politics is personal since they give away their personal life to join politics. Dirty is as dirty does.

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