06 January, 2009

Protect Islam and Muslims should be priority for OIC.

Pressing times and a brand new year. The last thing that should be in any nation's minds is to start a war. But Israel and Palestine never really ended the war. OIC for first and foremost is not suppose to lay idle and see a fellow Muslim nation be crushed by inhumane Israelis.

The United Nations should have never been trusted to ensure peace the world over especially with the likes of America who are allies with Israel are simply making the world a cowboy kind of place. Civilizations are meant to be built not destroyed by barbarians.

OIC and Malaysia especially should take a retaliative stand and form a peacekeeping corp just like the UN but to only serve Muslim Nations. The appalling thing is OIC is mostly participated by oil rich nations and all they seem to focus on is their black gold resources and how they can trade it better.

For one I would seriously think and suggest that all OIC members should place an embargo on Israel and it's allies. Even if it means not exporting Oil to the US of bloody ASSES. The killing of innocent civilians is not an act of war and just. It is butchering and blasphemy. God did not intend the world this way and the injustice has to be put to an end.

Is OIC cowards? Scared of loosing business and trade partners? Could there be an ulterior motive as to why this war has been going on for ages? No matter what are the true motives, it is a joke what OIC is doing to so call care for Muslim Nations.

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amane said...

OIC? dunno when it starts to act. i am speechless what has happened with the Muslim nation now. All i've got to do now is praying and keep praying for the sake of them & ours too.

so guys, now is the time to start boycott the American's stuff and brands. But how about McD?? (i'm lovin it) huhu... no excuses! Boycott them!!