11 January, 2009

Spend Spend Spend!!!

The treasury gave the go ahead for government departments to spend using the people's money. Reason being that world petrol prices have gone down and we are made to believe that the expenditure on petroleum subsidies have been off set.

Now that halted renovations projects, upgrades and procurement can proceed. Same goes to government functions. Hotels could possibly see a spike in revenue. But my question is how tight will these spending be monitored and it is for certain that tenders will be awarded fairly based on merit rather than recommendations or favouratism.

The rest of the world is cutting down on expenditure to streamline their accounts but this country we call Malaysia seems to be ignoring that fact. I am concerned that when world demand is low certain things might be priced higher for some not so obvious reasons.

Could this also mean that government departments will be recruiting more human resource considering projects of renovations and moving into new offices would certainly mean increased floor space. It would be interesting to see where this money is spent and would it improve services and increase the moral of civil servants.

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