17 January, 2009

Times of depression requires innovative ideas.

Who could have thought that real estate for rent could cost 99 sen? After reading about it in the Star (of course it had it's terms and conditions) I find it a very innovative idea. Well of course the feasibility in terms of ROI would be almost nil but whatever it is it brought back interest in the property again.

Remember a banker in India that started a soft loan program to help really dirt poor people? It worked pretty darn well and if I am not mistaken he got some award for it...Nobel Prize if I am not mistaken. Things like these is what drives a nation to be more practical and down to earth. Not everything revolves around money and money can't solve all your problems.

The thing about having assets is that we tend to over rate it and hence it will always be overpriced. Plus the ego simply kills it by not willing to budge to a lower price. Capitalist minds works sometimes... not all the time. We should see that ROI is not a short term thing. Overtime assets will depreciate or inflate depending on the demand for it but we also have to be a good judge to be our own worst critique so as not to hard sell what we have. It is not the price of the thing it self but more to the price of ego that sky rockets everything to the mooon.

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