31 January, 2009

UMNO cowards, says no to SPRM investigation.

With glee I read the article in Malaysiakini and much disgust to know that they are indeed cornered and still want to wiggle their way out of it. Politicians and their drama again. But it is true that it is not only UMNO that practices money politics. I mean which idiot might have thought of that?

But figure this~ the higher ranking UMNO morons holds various positions in the government at all levels. So under what pretext that SPRM has no jurisdiction to interrogate and investigate money politics in UMNO? What good is it when even UMNO's dumb discipline council is corrupted anyway?

Now this is my two cents on this issue. UMNO gets really uncomfortable when the law starts to sniff something fishy going on. They have this idea since they make up the majority of the BN coalition and hold majority of government posts and other interests either in terms of power or money they should have immunity on the law snooping around for shit UMNO leaves around.

SPRM is not formed under the club or society act and is perhaps the most appropriate agency to look into money politics as it is related closely to public service. So unless UMNO suddenly registers itself as a corporation or company than for all the chances on earth they should look into UMNO's persistent cock sucking with Malaysian Ringgit. That is from top to bottom, left to right and inside out. When done move over to other political parties as well.

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