20 January, 2009

UMNO lama, UMNO baru yang lama, UMNO rebranding.

The UMNO lama and UMNO baru thing happened in the 80's. Now the UMNO baru already has become the new UMNO lama. Confused? Well the progress of things is always something gets old and it's time to get something new in it's place.

I am imagining the UMNO now as something like an old generic PC which was assembled by some geeky student working part-time in Low Yatt. After numerous upgrades for the past 10 years now there seems to be a problem. When people are into PCI-E they are still using serial ports~ thus the old chassis cannot handle the new technologies thus requiring some DIY mods which is very unstable and voids manufacturer's warranty.

These new "technologies" like Hishammuddin, Zahid Hamidi and Khairy are aggressive, faster and have more modern ideas which are still stuck with EDO RAM when they should be working with DDR. UMNO loosing ground and it shows when BN candidate in Kuala Terengganu looses with over 2000 votes majority. It hurts but somehow the old hardware refuses to budge.

We have half past six tech in the brew~ Muhammad Taib is akin to firewire which lost the wow factor when USB 2.0 was released. Now with USB 3.0 over the horizon firewire Taib should see the last glimmer of sunset. For one or two things, the most important thing is to make BN and UMNO fully compliant to todays standards.

Collect all these old politicians and see how they fare with computers. Cyberspace presence is obviously lacking. The pace that the world runs at today will burn all their candles out when their juniors are flashing neons and LEDs.

UMNO needs a re branding exercise. It needs more than a refurbishment. It needs more than just an upgrade. It needs a whole new OS for god's sake. But would the OS 3.1 make way for OS 7? They can't afford to wait. Their market share is dwindling.

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