11 January, 2009

Yank the Israelis.

For all that Arab countries is good for and what some moron relates Muslims to terrorism Isreal should be the most obvious terrorist. True that Israelis are one of the most intelligent race to mankind but they are also the most barbaric. If they are indeed intelligent, it seems they have forgotten about the heart.

For a piece of land and god knows what else they are blowing billions of dollars to dust. So now many suggest to boycott Isreali products but the fact is it it is them Jews that have the control of world economy. That bloody ATM machine that you use was designed by them.

What the UN doing is pathetic. For Muslim nations not being active in protecting Palestine they are possibly cowards or do don't really care as long as they have the interest protected. Dont bother about USA. THey love to see people suffering and at war.

It is intolerable and in humane. Kill them all those Jews. Kill them bloody all.

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Chauncey Gardener said...

The Israelis are definitely no angels and I would even call them thugs.

However, I have not heard of any Israelis strapping themselves with bombs and doing a sucide mission in Gaza or Palestine nor have I read any news that their soldiers have beheaded civilians.

There are slso some parties who reportedly use women and children as human shields.

I would call those acts barbaric.

If you want to kill all the Jews, it won't solve the problem. You will have to kill all the Arabs as well, 'cos once the Jews are gone, the Arabs willl then fight amongst themselves. Its their tribal instinct and despite a wise man's vision 1400 years ago to reshape these people into civilised society, the body of his work has been misinterpreted along the way.