28 February, 2009

No more new varsities...duh~! Najib baru sedar ke?

Ok, the decision is right. And what a timely one at that. At the brink of economic disaster there is no place for illogical spending. Especially when current resources are not used to the fullest. I appreciate that there are more community colleges across the country. It gives a chance for those who cant afford full blown university fees a chance to learn important skills and at the same time increase our local talent pool.

Why else do you think that year in and year out that many complain of not getting into institutions of higher education? When Najib comes into power I hope that he rethinks where the country is heading in the education field. Obviously our varsities are no where up in the world rankings of the world's best. Predominantly the one varsity that the BN government seem to celebrate and cheer for (UiTM) is nothing but a marketing ploy. To the extent I think it was more of a political decision of having such a mono ethnic varsity to please the Malays and to make sure they vote for BN.

Other varsities are far better and they did it all without much hoo-haa. The idea of churning out hundreds of thousands of graduates every year seems to be a good thing on the surface. But for years the returns are sorely missing the quality grade. Seriously 2 stupid brains will not make a better idea. On top of that there seems to be knowledge leak where the country's best students are snapped up by large foreign multinationals and the creme de la creme seems to not prefer building their careers in the country.

Now, we have the infrastructure. We have the volume. We now sorely need to build a better knowledge base. Churn more quality thesis and research to boost the one resource that we seem to always neglect because of difference of political opinions. Why differentiate between a Malay's brain of that to other races who are Malaysians? The detrimental costs is borne by us all. Our economy is still highly dependent on production and agriculture. we need an economy that will stand the test of time and politics.

K economy was said to be it. That is why the MSC was envisioned. That is why we have high technological partners to breed a new kind of commodity but somehow greed grew far faster than we can stop and think about the distant future. For this country revolves around now. We have 5 year plans and Vision 2020.... but it seems that somehow nothing materializes as what the thick binded paper proposed.

For all the resources that is allocated to the Malays, it would be far more beneficial to spread that wealth across all races. Give it to those who deserve it by merit and not skin colour. That way the net will cover a bigger space and net more substantial returns in the long run.

Still Najib is a politician. THe whole generation of politicians are hungry for the wrong reasons. All they care is their own deep pockets....make it nice and fat while the the rest of us have to make do with lint fillings. Good to stop the spending.... but at the same time don't stop the spending to the well deserved areas and people.

So would Najib seriously forget his deep pockets for the betterment of the country as a whole? I highly doubt it~ but i have not stopped praying and hoping. If the Malays were to be the most respected and honoured race, let it be for the darn right reasons and not for it's own sick, fat, worm infested stomach.

Kurang Bijak: UMNO Youth

Now it seems that UMNO youth were provoked at the parliament lobby when they wanted to approach Karpal. Add to that Hishamuddin says UMNO youth wont apologize. I see the point... if they do apologize then it will appear for the obvious reasons that UMNO youth did something wrong.

It is not wrong mind you when there is the need to clarify something. But the execution could have been better. Like I have said they suffer from premature ejaculation. No thought at all in finding a better way to clarify things. Of course Karpal and DAP sees a horde of pissed UMNO youths as a security threat to themselves and that is why they all went on the defensive. It is perfect common sense.

What should these adolescent UMNO youths should have done is make an appointment with Karpal on neutral grounds to clarify things if it was really needed then make a press statement on the matter. There, simple and end of story.

As for Karpal the older he gets the more lack of control he becomes. Perhaps it is old age catching up. But I do agree with him that UMNO youths are somewhat rude and brash in their execution not that I blame them since they are indeed called youths. Just the definition is a bit screwed up....45 years old are still considered youths? God, I wonder who taught them that. It is that 5% of youth members that are the gems~ the rest can be said as wasted sperm.

27 February, 2009

UMNO Youth are immature rowdy bunch of boys.

So what if Karpal says shit? If it is bullshit then it is worth all the effort to ignore rather than torment a wheelchair bound old fart like Karpal. For Karpal it is his style of doing things. He is a lawyer for god's sake and the drama of the courtroom is second nature to him to rouse suspicion or even raise anger to his benefit. Now looks like Karpal is the one laughing at the adolescent UMNO Youth.

It looks all nice to see them dressed in shirts and suits visiting the parliament only just to cause a fight. This UMNO Youths I tell you are a bunch of loose cannons and ejaculate prematurely on every tiny issue. Lead by their sophomore baboon Khairy. How can possibly that Hishamuddin allowed this to happen in the first place. Perhaps he does not bother anymore since he is moving on to higher grounds. Whatever it is UMNO Youths are fit for the Zoo rather than any kind of administration office.

26 February, 2009

Tiu~! Toll rates up Sunday onwards.

Do I want to curse or do I want to rant? I think both! What the tiu for raising the toll that high for? It is not like that the whole way is flooded with lights and their emergency response time is in 15 minutes. For PLUS higway is will be 86 sen per KM!!! NPE will be RM2 per friggin tol gate you pass!! Of course it sounds not much one way, but you have to remember that people do commute to and from work every day.

Now what on earth are we paying road tax for? Oh, that is for the maintenance of non toll and federal roads right? Come on, the only non tolled roads we pass everyday is within our housing are. Who goes interstate on normal roads anymore?

My question here is would this increase lessen the concession period? I doubt it will. Some excellent job this government has done. Yay! Clap Clap Clap. Owh wait~ let us see the retort in the news tomorrow about the increase. I bet things like "Use public transport" or car pool or walk will come out. Yeah right like it's not enough what we have been doing all these years. Thanks but no thanks.

25 February, 2009

Death Row: The long wait to hell.

Criminals are not entirely lunatics. Because for some reason they had the ability to figure out how to sort the dead bodies. So murder has a predominant fact that it is normally planned even if the plan was not really perfect. Now these murderers or criminals of other acts that are sentenced to the gallows are having a long time to wait for them to meet their maker. Which should not be the case...but the courts which seems to have idiots managing their documents are causing the delay.

Now just because a bunch of papers these people on the last mile are left to wait for their execution. Honestly that is not a pleasant thing to wait for. Apart from the time they eat and sleep they do nothing else but wait for their turn to hang at the end of a bloody thick rope.

The courts know that they have a problem in managing their records but why the wait for these people to be hung and end their misery? It would be best to end these criminal's lives the moment their appeal have been exhausted. I bet you it is more painful to just sit and wait in that cold cell awaiting the grim reaper to arrive. Not that they have Playstations to play with to pass time.

It would be humanely so to expedite the process and send these people on their way to meet their maker. It is not only them that are suffering but their families too which have enough pain to deal with.

23 February, 2009

Slumdog wins 8 Accademy Awards. Malaysian Politics should win the same

What has this got to do with Malaysian Politics you ask? Well, if you have watched the movie I think it says for a lot. First off we have a bright young man that for everything else he really wants to find his childhood sweetheart. We have a presenter of the show who simply could not believe such a person could get so far into the game show...thus he uses whatever power he has to make the guy quit or change his mind.

Apply that two to Malaysian Politics and you can see the resemblance. There are some honest men out there that wants to do good for the love of their country. There is the government with such corrupt individuals who wants to ensure that the riches stays with them forever and have all the glory to themselves. But it is not a 2 and a half hour movie...it is something that will go on for generations and has been done for the past 60 years or so.

The difference is that between then and now there is more colour. More special effects..... more dramatic plots and more animated actors or political pawns. The level of greediness has never been higher. In fact I think it could climb even more. What is true is that politics is all too much flair. It has lost it's true enriching qualities that the people can use a good examples. There are no longer morals and honour.

Opponents would do great lengths to ensure that their nemesis turns to dust. They would procure recordings of videos and go to the effort of planting surveillance devices and have private investigators or henchmen to note their every blunder so that it can be used against them when the need arises.

It is just that none of them politicians will receive the Oscars or the Golden Globe. Or will they gain superstardom and their powers wont last long. They are indeed dramatists, illusionist (cheaters and liars are more accurate) who take pride in their performances that promises to in the end leave you in tears and complete misery.

Chronicals of a Politician's penis: Oral sex is illegal?

Seksyen 377 (A) menyebut "mana-mana orang yang melakukan perhubungan seks dengan seseorang lain dengan memasukkan zakarnya ke dalam dubur atau mulut seseorang lain itu dikatakan melakukan persetubuhan yang bertentangan dengan aturan tabie."

Wow...now honestly I did not know that Oral sex is illegal in this country. I mean what if it is with consent of both parties (and let us assume this is a married couple) and somehow someone makes a report to the police....will they still be charged in court?

Fine anal sex is definitely disgusting but oral? By the way the law does not define oral sex fairly... there is oral sex and there is cunninglingus. So only when a man place his penis in a woman's mouth even with the consent it is still illegal? So are we saying that by law it is OK for a man to lick and poke his tongue into a pussy?

Now i begin to seriously suspect that this part of the law is written by a woman who somehow and somewhat has a dominating disposition. Iron fisted even. If there are any other laws that does not make sense plese someone tell me so I wont be shocked.

By the way....this Chua Soi Lek's case needn't be over rated. If he did so then what? Hang his dick to death? There are more important issues to deal with rather than paying so much attention to a politician's penis.

PKR not done with Perak.

It seems to me that Perak is being tossed around like a salad with French dressing. BN will find it stupid of them not to consider that the laws that they passed will work against their favour. What can I say, in this case "UMNO mudah lupa."

The new MB and 6 state councilors are frozen and their numb nuts are just numb or more likely to be stupid now. BN is indeed outsmarted by PKR and nothing is wrong there really. Now the state is in limbo and a limbo state will have suffering people. Surely no one would want to do business with Perak since the state can't decide who to choose to lead the camp.

At the end of it all "semua tak boleh pakai". Sultan is scratching his head now while BN has a large sign above it's head "SUCKER". Nizar is happy enough to move out but he looks confident that he will be returning to that house soon enough. We shall see...owh we shall see.

18 February, 2009

Blasted Khir.

Attention seeker Khir Toyo after lambasting and "advising" Elizabeth Wong to resign will now get the attention he deserves. Selangor MB just filed a lawsuit for defaming him on the issues of some cows and a Lexus. With the race for UMNO Youth leadership coming nearer Khir is certainly not the media favourite to win. After all it is under his leadership that UMNO and BN Selangor lost the state to the opposition.

The character of this man seems to be of low IQ. I mean the statements he gives half of the time does not seem that he thought about it much. Even the whack Nazri seems to make some sense on the Nude pictures of Elizabeth. So which root canal was wrongly plucked by Khir?

Loosing the richest and most advanced state in the country is certainly not BN's cup of tea but really is Khir trying to redeem himself or perhaps it is a cheap publicity stunt. His political secretary must be thinking what kind of an idiot must I be working with....and now a lawsuit?

Trying to sink his teeth into a more prominent position Khir tries ever so hard. But this actually gives his opponents an easier shot . Hishammuddin and Khairy must be pleased seeing Khir recently. That picture showing all three shaking hands is so fake that it might as well be photoshopped. I dont see Khir going any further than where he is right now.

16 February, 2009

Khir Toyo steams over Eli's urrmmm...

Oh Khir...oh Toyo what is lingering in your pants..whoops brains at the moment? Then the government now the opposition in his state clearly is beyond any reason of a doubt that he was never a skilled politician and let alone a wise one. Now it shows clearly in his recent comments about Elizabeth Wong's "fresh" photos.

If it was ever safe to say that BN fielded candidates that are spotless clean then our country would not be split in half as it is now. 50 over years of BN and the seeds of corruption grew into a healthy monster that was nurtured to perfection by who else? Khir should really consider about shooting himself in the foot literally rather than live with such a despicable statement.

Shut up Khir! Just bloody shut up and keep to cleaning teeth of your compatriots with your dirty flossing and scaling tools.

12 February, 2009

Political Gangster.

Bukit Gantang and Selembau will be up for grabs. BN is sore on getting even with PKR which from the previous by elections they have lost with their balls in their throats. What is the tactic this time? Would BN play fair or would they resort to filthy games that we all know that they are capable off.

Things are different now. Najib is in charge and as how the recent debacle in Perak, it shows that whatever it takes BN shall do it. So it might turn ugly and very dirty. However I do find that PKR is a bit lost in their cause. There are calls for Anwar to give up the party. There is tough guy Karpal being stubborn as he has always been.

Would it all comedown to hostile takeovers all the time? The way I see it that is a very probable outcome.

09 February, 2009

Perak: A state devided. Najib's name on plate.

Tussle of parties, the fight to stay on, and the submission to not be a traitor to the Sultan. This does not involve only 2 entities but in fact at least 4 in total. There is BN who wants to claim Perak, there is PKR which somehow lost the confidence of their representatives, there are the citizens of Perak who can't believe what is happening to their beloved state and there is the Sultan which put his royal foot down to end the bullshit.

Well, I figure that either way the decision that a Sultan has to make will anger one party or the other. There is no way to appease the party loyalist, the Sultan loyalist and the people in general all at the same time. But knowing what Sultans do they don't give much of an explanation as to how they have come to a particular decision. So the people speculate and much to the negative side of it.

Alright, so Najib took UMNO and BN Perak by it's collars and practically said "Look here, we are going to take this state here by hook or by crook" although this of course is not his own words but I believe it did not stray that far off from the original. Of course Perak is not really an economic power state unlike Terangganu or Selangor which one has Black Gold and the other the technology and expertise in products and services. I bet Najib would just be drooling imagining he got that back.

The disbelief is expressed by many. Those Perak born as well as those who believe in the constitutional sultanate. Sad indeed it is, angry some are but take it as a one chance shot for Najib to prove that BN still has what it takes to build a nation so let it start with Perak first. It does not have a formidable economic plan as compared to the likes of Johor and Selangor. The mining days have long ended to contribute a nickel to the income pot. So what can BN do with a slim majority?

There is about a month till Najib takes the baton from Pak Lah and if he wants to stay there he better be delivering big to at Perak first since I bet the Sultan has Najib's head in sight if anything were to screw up. But rest assured if the Sultan can't do much but the people will still listen is the Sultan were to make a public statement that the whole state is not to vote for BN in the next general elections. Now that will be so much worse than eating your own shit.

Be careful Najib. The people of Perak has your name on their platter for their next big feast.

07 February, 2009

Perak hijacked and PKR hoodwinked.

Nasty turn of events in Ipoh and I received an sms advising me to stay away from the town by my relatives since they know that I am in Taiping on some work. Although nothing happened in Taiping but everytime the news replayed what happened everyone would stop in their tracks and catch up on the situation as it unfolds on television. It can be seen in their faces that they are very concerned and worried. 

I am merely an observer in all this. If this were to happen in Selangor I would very much fear worse things could have happened. So Taiping was silent but in their hearts I fear not. Murmurs went on such as "Kenapa depa buat macam tu?" was ringing and happiness was very distant.

I feel too that the way BN took over was not at all democratic. PKR was squeezed to a boiling point and the decision of the Sultan compounded the drill deeper. I am also doubtful the way that the MB's office was practically emptied. It looked at if everything was meticulously planned and executed.

I do not blame the new MB who is a representative of a small holiday island. But I bet you that Najib will just make him a pawn and one who is expandable for reclaiming a state. I bet Najib would love to have his face poster-ed all over Perak and celebrated as the one who brought back BN into the Perak government.

What a way to start his pre-reign as PM. Honestly there are more people that hate Najib and it is growing everyday. The style that was adopted was very akin to a coup. What if the assemblyman of Bota is part of the whole plan. To start a fire all it needs is a wick. Almost immedietly when BN had just enough seats Bota man flipped sides.

Yes so constitutionally the change is in the right procedures. But it could have been done in a lesser hurry and in a far better and fair manner. Desperate BN needs to cover ground that it lost in the last elections. Sincerely the way they did it is no different from terrorist tactics. There were better outlets to resolve the issues. But it was never played from the deck. Thus my verdict is BN cheated. Najib cheated. UMNO let the Malays down.... again.

05 February, 2009

PKR and BN tussle over silver state.

To have snap state elections or not to have one? Well that is for the Sultan to think about. However to look over and prevent a constitutional crisis some lawyer will be referred to and perhaps PKR might find it to their favour. Unless BN plays some dirty tricks and get it their way with a simple majority.

The defaction of Nasarudin and later his return to BN is plausible. Which much be one of the fastest party hopping in history. So the Perak state government hangs in precarious limbo until one coalition can claim it rightfully theirs.

What might be interesting here is how Najib wants Perak back...ad of course without the hassle of snap elections. Of course it would cost money but even more important is to regain a key state that Lim Kit Siang has so much influence in. So loosing even half a state is not an option for Najib.

What must be understood is that the people has the ultimate say of who is going to govern the state. Let it be a fickle situation but the natural progerssion of things must not be ignored and if it a snap election that the people wants then thay should have it. However Najib would not leave everything to chance.