18 February, 2009

Blasted Khir.

Attention seeker Khir Toyo after lambasting and "advising" Elizabeth Wong to resign will now get the attention he deserves. Selangor MB just filed a lawsuit for defaming him on the issues of some cows and a Lexus. With the race for UMNO Youth leadership coming nearer Khir is certainly not the media favourite to win. After all it is under his leadership that UMNO and BN Selangor lost the state to the opposition.

The character of this man seems to be of low IQ. I mean the statements he gives half of the time does not seem that he thought about it much. Even the whack Nazri seems to make some sense on the Nude pictures of Elizabeth. So which root canal was wrongly plucked by Khir?

Loosing the richest and most advanced state in the country is certainly not BN's cup of tea but really is Khir trying to redeem himself or perhaps it is a cheap publicity stunt. His political secretary must be thinking what kind of an idiot must I be working with....and now a lawsuit?

Trying to sink his teeth into a more prominent position Khir tries ever so hard. But this actually gives his opponents an easier shot . Hishammuddin and Khairy must be pleased seeing Khir recently. That picture showing all three shaking hands is so fake that it might as well be photoshopped. I dont see Khir going any further than where he is right now.

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