23 February, 2009

Chronicals of a Politician's penis: Oral sex is illegal?

Seksyen 377 (A) menyebut "mana-mana orang yang melakukan perhubungan seks dengan seseorang lain dengan memasukkan zakarnya ke dalam dubur atau mulut seseorang lain itu dikatakan melakukan persetubuhan yang bertentangan dengan aturan tabie."

Wow...now honestly I did not know that Oral sex is illegal in this country. I mean what if it is with consent of both parties (and let us assume this is a married couple) and somehow someone makes a report to the police....will they still be charged in court?

Fine anal sex is definitely disgusting but oral? By the way the law does not define oral sex fairly... there is oral sex and there is cunninglingus. So only when a man place his penis in a woman's mouth even with the consent it is still illegal? So are we saying that by law it is OK for a man to lick and poke his tongue into a pussy?

Now i begin to seriously suspect that this part of the law is written by a woman who somehow and somewhat has a dominating disposition. Iron fisted even. If there are any other laws that does not make sense plese someone tell me so I wont be shocked.

By the way....this Chua Soi Lek's case needn't be over rated. If he did so then what? Hang his dick to death? There are more important issues to deal with rather than paying so much attention to a politician's penis.

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